Web Design: Tips for Your Online Real Estate

It's vital to have a website that is presentable to your prospects. Once the Web design is helping visitors stay on the site a professional seo service provider can help you direct the inbound traffic

You’re about to go on a first date with the guy or gal you just met. What do you wear? Something super casual (the t-shirt you had since college and a pair of dingy jeans)? Or something more flattering (like a pair of slacks or dress)? Likely, you’re going to dress to impress, and the same goes for any other first-time interaction you have with other human beings. Why should it be any different on the Web? Your Web design is the business suit for your company, so it’s vital to have a site that is presentable to the public.

If you don’t take this seriously, you risk losing hundreds, thousands or even millions of prospects. If your Los Angeles business is just starting the process of building a new website, use the following tips to ensure the design is superb.

Keep It Simple

This is the first tip on the list because a lot of business owners make this very mistake when creating a website. They make everything too complex, which in turn causes issues with site speed, navigation and user-friendliness. These are areas of your site that you absolutely do not want to be lacking in. These can all drive people away from your site in droves.

Instead, focus on creating a site that is visually appealing, but doesn’t contain too many graphics and images. The content itself should be concise and easy to understand. There should be no clutter on your home page or anywhere else on your site. A professional SEO service can be used to analyze your site structure.

Rethink the Infinite Scroll

A lot of businesses are adopting the social media endless scrolling feature, but this doesn’t always work for the best. It can slow down your site speed and annoy visitors. Instead, consider making your home page a fixed number of pages.

Make Sure Your Content is Clear and Concise

Your home page is normally the first page people land on when they enter your website. Make sure that when they arrive, they know exactly where they are and what you can do for them. If they don’t find this quickly, they will think they’re in the wrong place and will quickly leave. Few people will actually browse through your site to dig for information, so you need to lay it out for them. You can acquire SEO services in Los Angeles to help write your site’s content.

Choose a Reliable Host

You want your site to have maximum up-time, so make sure the host you choose is really reliable. It’s also important to choose a host that works well with the content management system you choose – i.e. WordPress. This way, if you choose to change your Web design in the future, it won’t be difficult or costly.

Plan for Future Growth

This is especially important if you own an e-commerce business. Starting out with a low-cost platform seems like a good idea, but only if they offer plans for expansion. Transferring your site to another platform during growth can hinder your success and cause a loss in sales. Make sure the host you select can grow with you.

Hire a Reputable Web Designer

At the end of the day, your site design is only as great as the designer. If you have ideas of what you want your site to resemble, go over it with an expert to see if it’s ideal for your business and audience. You don’t want a designer who will just do whatever you say, but who will offer valuable insight.

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