PPC vs. SEO: Which is Right for Your Small Business?

You can utilize PPC or search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website. Know how is essential for proper execution where a PPC management company can be of great value

The Internet has made it so that small business owners can easily drive traffic to their companies. There are different ways this can be done effectively, such as by using search engine optimization and Pay-Per-Click ads, or PPC. Some brands use a PPC management agency to help their company with lead generation, while others implement the services of an SEO agency.

PPC and search engine optimization are both highly efficient when employed properly. But which of them should your business try?

The Pros of PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click marketing is best done with the help of a PPC management company. This will ensure that all the right methods are applied, such as keyword research, ad copy and analytics. The way PPC advertising works is like this – you sign up with a program like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing and select keywords you want your ads to rank for. Each time your ad is clicked, you pay the program a fee.

It’s one of the best ways to get near-instant traffic increases to your website and landing pages. You also have ultimate access over your budget, since you can set daily spending limits for each of your campaigns.

The Pros of SEO

If you decide to implement search engine optimization, which is common sense if you want your website to rank, then you should consider working with an SEO agency in Los Angeles. SEO can help your company get long-lasting visibility. Unlike PPC, Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment that must continue in order to reap the benefits. But the good news is that once you’ve implemented a great strategy, your top position in the SERPs continues to work for you.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re still wondering if you should hire a PPC management company or SEO company, then ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is your budget? If you have a very small budget, then PPC marketing may be a better opportunity to begin with. However, keep in mind there are Search Engine Optimization techniques you can use that are completely free, so it’s worth at least talking to an Search Engine Optimization consultant.
  2. What is the cost-per-click rate for the keywords you want to target? You can find some as low as .50 and others as high as $30 per click.
  3. What’s the competition for your niche? If there are a lot of competitors using the same keywords, it will be a lot harder to rank your ads for them. Google gives prominence to sites with authority, so if you’re brand new, then this is something to definitely consider.
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