Transform Your Ad Strategies into Winning Campaigns

The days of being drowned out by the big guys are officially over. The internet has leveled the playing field for small and medium sized businesses with smaller budgets. Having your ads compete for the attention of prospects isn’t as difficult as it once was, especially if you can think outside the box. This is something an internet marketing agency can bring to the table.

If you’re able to establish a presence on the web, you can significantly increase your website traffic. This can be done using social media marketing, content marketing and PPC marketing. According to one survey, 92 percent of small and medium businesses were planning to increase their online ad spend in 2016.

If beefing up your PPC management was a part of your company’s strategy, then you can use the following strategies.

Optimize for Mobile Shoppers

Most consumers today are using mobile devices to shop for products and services. This means your ads need to point to a site that is optimized for smartphones and tablets. According to a report from State of Mobile Commerce, 35 percent of transactions in the U.S. are done from a mobile device. You can count on your competitors doing the same, so make sure your ads are able to compete. An internet marketing agency can design landing pages and websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

Offer a Consistent Experience

Consumers today are using a cross between smartphones, tablets and desktops. This means your website needs to offer an experience that is consistent across all platforms. One way to pull this off is to have a site built with a responsive design. Numbers show brands have a 39 percent higher conversion rate when they create seamless experiences. If you’re going to use retargeting, then an omnipresence is recommended. Consulting with a business development expert can provide you with a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

Use Social Media

Social media can be leveraged in your ad campaigns as well. About 20 percent of people’s time is spent on social media platforms. You can reach your audiences via social media by implementing ad campaigns on platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These all have paid ads that can be used to boost your content or advertise products/services.

Putting together a successful ad campaign takes a great strategy. This is easier done when you have experts on your team. Consider hiring an internet marketing agency to help you create a winning ad campaign.

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