Why Podcasts Should Be Included in Your Online Marketing Plan

What makes content king? When done the right way, it can build engagement, increase revenue and build brand awareness. What’s also great about content is that there are so many different types to use. You have videos, text, images and audio. Selecting the best ones for your strategy is essential, which is why you should consider working with an experienced SEO agency. Doing so will help you better understand your marketing needs.

Audio and video content continues to be on the rise, as more people tune in using their mobile devices. Podcasts have especially grown in popularity, with millions of people listening everyday. Each year, we have seen a steady rise in podcasting, which is great news if your company is planning to start a podcast.

The only challenge now would be setting up and launching a successful podcast. The key to this is to set yourself apart from your competition. Plus, you’ll need to create content that is valuable to your listeners. In order to do this, you need to first study your audience to determine what type of struggles they battle with. The internet is the place to come to find information, so make sure you’re setting yourself up as a resource.

If you’re still pondering why podcasting should be added to your marketing strategy, then continue on.

It’s Super Convenient for Listeners

Being where your customers are is vital for reaching them. This is how SEO agencies in Los Angeles are capable of creating buzz using social media. It’s about posting in the right places and at the right times. The great thing about podcasts is that they can be downloaded and played on smartphones, tablets and even mp3 players. This enables users to listen in at their own convenience, while doing things like driving, laundry or working out.

Reach More Customers

You can publish your podcast episodes on platforms like Stitcher and iTunes. This increases your visibility substantially, putting you in a position to reach more prospects. Podcasts can be found using search engines, so if your SEO agency is on point, then your shows will pop up in search engines. This means more people will find your podcast and potentially tune in.

It’s Fast and Affordable

The most you’ll spend on your podcast is at the beginning, when you make your initial investment in equipment. Thereafter, production is fast and affordable. Some find podcasting to be much faster than creating blog posts and videos. You simply push record and start talking. The editing portion may take a little time in the beginning until you get the hang of it. There are also SEO companies that may offer this as one of their services.

Open the Door to Interviewing Industry Experts

Interviewing experts in your industry does two things – helps drive in more traffic and provides your audience with insightful content. When conducting interviews, try to ask questions about their successes, failures and key takeaways from learned mistakes. Another benefit to this is the experts you interview will share your content, increasing exposure.

Set Your Brand Apart

Not many brands have a podcast for customers and prospects to tune in to. This will help to set apart your brand from the others. It will help to increase your credibility and build trust with your audience as well. The level of competition in podcasting will be based on the industry you’re in. The niche and topics you talk about will also determine competition. This is why it’s important to choose one that isn’t oversaturated.

Podcasting offers a tremendous amount of benefits to brands that use it. If you’re attempting to put together a podcast, then consider hiring an SEO agency to put it on the map.

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