The Value of Storytelling: Share Stories, Not Sales Pitches

Social Media Marketing

“Facts tell, stories sell.” -Hugh Benjamin, I Think an Idea

There is a new world of marketing upon us, and although the format is different the basic tenets

of business are still the same. You can give people facts all day long, show them product

information sheets and quotes, and still get nothing. If you can tell them a story, though, you’re

definitely going to get their attention.

People are tired of being “sold” things. Today’s consumers want to buy things, and they want to

buy them from personable companies that have something to share in the industry and the

social conversation that takes place on various social networks. SEO companies will tell you

that all the facts in the world aren’t going to help your reputation nearly as much as a good

personal connection, which is where being able to tell stories comes into play.

For example, imagine a salesperson posting their statistics on their professional LinkedIn

profile. A blur of numbers and facts is easily going to be glossed over, no matter how

impressive. If that same person turns their “about” section into a story of their time in the

industry, they will grab a lot more attention. People want to hear about a company and its

people. They want to know the story behind the business, and the story behind why they should

work with you. Any SEO company will focus on helping companies create storytelling content

rather than sales material because today’s audience demands it.

Social Media Marketing
ITAI Utilizes The Art of the Story

Online reputation management is a big part of your success in business today. If you want a

reputation as the stuffy fact-sharing guy, that’s up to you. If, however, you want to be successful

as a business owner that your audience likes and appreciates, you should hone your storytelling

skills. People don’t just want to know what you sell. They want to know why you sell, how you

sell, and what got you to where you are today. Why do you want to help them? How can you

help them? These are all questions on consumers’ minds when they are shopping.

Help them out by giving them what they want: a good story. You can utilize the assistance of

professional SEO companies if you are struggling to get started with your internet marketing

campaigns. They will share with you why connecting with your audience is so important and

make it easy for you to become a great storyteller for your customers.

Why Stories?

Online reputation management is all about making a name for yourself. Right now, the best

businesses are doing that by telling great stories. Stories can be incorporated all over the place.

You can train your sales reps to share the company story with potential clients and investors,

create blogs and website content with stories to share, and so forth.

Stories aren’t about bragging, either. No one wants to sit there and listen to you go on about

how successful you have been because of this or that. They want a story they can relate to;

they need a business that they can relate to in order to become successful. No one cares where

you came from or how many awards you have. Noteworthy accomplishments are fine, but

people want to hear stories about failure and mistakes. That’s what they can really relate to.

According to professional communication coach John Bates, “Your message is in your mess.”

Use the senses and emotions to get readers engaged in your stories. Start in the middle so that

they’re immediately invested, and then work your way back to the beginning and through to the

end. Captivate your audience with something that will grab their attention, and you will see

results. Any SEO company can tell you that while facts and numbers are great for investors and

business lending, your customers don’t care. You can’t sell them a product, so you must sell

them a story.

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