5 Ways LinkedIn Builds Brand Awareness


While there are many social networks out there that can benefit your business, LinkedIn is one

that doesn’t get a lot of discussion in many professional circles. Presenting itself initially as a

“white pages” of sorts for business professionals, if you will, it has taken awhile for this social

networking site to catch on with marketers who are trying to build brand awareness.

LinkedIn has a lot to offer as a social network. Online reputation management services are big

on utilizing the right social sites in the right ways, and this tool can provide you with the brand

visibility that you need. How? Here are just a few ways the site can help with online reputation

management and branding:

ITAI Explores the Importance of LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Success
ITAI Explores the Importance of LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Success

● Introductions: This is still the leading platform for making industry connections and

meeting other professionals. The introduction allows you to qualify yourself, and others,

which is a big part of online reputation management. Describe who you are and what

you do, not just “Joe Smith, CEO”, because detail counts according to online reputation

management services.

● Content marketing and promotion: LinkedIn Pulse is a free, open platform for publishing

content. You can also post status updates with links to published content, websites, and

more. Promote your activity through status updates, links, or even creating events to get

more attention. This is a professional tool, so keep it professional.

● Groups: LinkedIn has a “group” feature that allows anyone to create or join groups

started based on common interests. These could be business interests, personal

hobbies and interests, or others. This gives you the chance to connect with colleagues

and consumers around the world to build your identity.

● Connect: Use tools and plugins to connect your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress blog,

websites, and other social profiles. This will give you a new stream of potential

customers and help other industry professionals connect your name with your business


● Features: This is where you can feature your own services or products, but it is better to

feature clients, colleagues, and others aligned with your business goals and intentions.

Sharing with people allows you to serve them, and that helps your reputation and brand

identity in many ways.

Online reputation management services provide a lot of valuable insight on social media

marketing, but few people talk about the growing importance of LinkedIn. If you’re not Linked,

you’re not going to reap the benefits of this great social marketing platform.

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