Simple Ways to Enhance Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

online reputation management is necessary if you want to keep your brand in the spotlight of your customers and prospects.

The use of influencer marketing has increased substantially over the past few years. Studies show that 56 percent of brands were planning to increase their budgets for influencer marketing in 2016. We’re expecting to see this number continue to grow in the years to come. It’s to the extent where even professional SEO experts are now offering influencer marketing services.

Running a business online is much like operating a business in the real world. Who you know and the relationships you have will determine your fate. You’ll notice that brands with great connections with influencers skyrocket. And those that don’t tend to stagnate or even see decreases in revenue. At this point, it would be worth consulting with a business development expert.

If you’re currently trying to enhance your outreach strategies for influencer marketing, then read on.

Find Influencers with High User Engagement

One mistake businesses make when looking for industry influencers is reaching out to those with large followings. How many people are following a person doesn’t mean anything if the users aren’t engaging with them. As you’re looking for influencers, make sure you’re looking at user engagement. The things you want to watch for are likes, shares and comments. Also, inquire about how many email subscribers they have and whether they have followers on other social networks. A professional SEO services provider can help you find ideal influencers in your industry.

Design Ads that Don’t Look Like Ads

The ads you create should inspire people to think. The days of shouting at people to buy a product or service are long gone. Instead, focus on using content that speaks to people. Display ads are a dying breed because users are blind to them. One retailer that did this creatively was Lord & Taylor. They gave 50 of the same dresses to 50 influencers on Instagram and guess what happened? Their followers saw them wearing the dresses and it was sold out by the end of the week. A PPC management company that is familiar with influencer marketing can be helpful when building ad campaigns.

Know Who Your Ideal Audience Is

What’s great about influencer marketing is the return on investment. Numbers show businesses can make $6.50 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing. Of course, this all depends on the influencers you’re using. It’s important to ensure the influencers you select for your campaigns are the right match. Their community must match your ideal audience to ensure your content is reaching the right eyes and ears.

At the end of the day, having a professional SEO services company on your team can make influencer marketing a piece of cake. After all, you have more important things to do, like running a business!

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