How to Enhance Your Brand Relevance Over the Holidays


For retailers, wholesalers and anyone else who sells goods to consumers, the holidays is an annual gold rush. Each year, business owners look for ways to improve their holiday marketing, so to bring in more prospects and repeat customers. The key to making this happen is to boost your brand’s visibility and enhance its relevance, so that consumers consider their company when looking for products to buy over the holiday season. Proper online reputation management is needed to achieve this goal.

There are thousands of other businesses in your industry competing for the very same customers, which means you have your work cut out for you. Another option is to hire experts that offer online reputation management services.

As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind,” and this couldn’t be any less true during the holidays when consumers are bombarded with ads and deals from left to right. If you’re not implementing your own marketing and advertising methods, then you will miss your opportunity to reach target customers who may be interested in your products or services.

Here’s what you can start doing to ensure your brand remains relevant over the holiday season.

Offer Gentle Reminders to Customers

Say you own a company that cleans carpets and floors. You can send out a holiday email reminding customers that you’re available for holiday cleaning. Of course, most people like to have their floors cleaned before festivities begin, which is great for business, but your services will likely be needed during or right after the holidays as well. Spills and accidents happen, so let them know that you’re open for business all season long.

Present Your Services or Products as Gifts

Your customers may not need your services or products during the holidays, but maybe they know someone who does. Send your customers emails with coupons and service/product ideas they can purchase as a gift for a friend or family member. Pitching the concept of giving away your products or services as gifts can be done for just about any industry.

Carry Out a Blow Out Sale

Everyone is looking to save money over the holidays. If you have something a lot of people want, nothing helps bring them in by the droves than a great sale. You’ll need to have deals that are better than competitors, so that your brand can stand out in the midst of all the hustle and bustle  of shopping.

Let Customers Know the Holidays is Your Slow Season

Some industries witness a slow-down during the holidays, so let your customers know in advance that a great time to schedule your services is during the holiday season. You can also offer discounted rates to make it more enticing. You can even offer rewards for referring your business to others.

Get On Social Media

Hopefully, you’re already using social media as part of your online reputation management strategy. If so, you can put all your hard work developing a following to good use during the holidays. Publish high-quality content and host contests on your social media channels to drive in more traffic to your site. Tie in the holidays into your content to ensure relevancy. For instance, offer tips for finding a contractor to perform holiday upgrades or special gifts for loved ones.

The key to remaining relevant to your audience is to maintain consistency in your content quality and frequency. The more you’re seen, the more likely your brand will stick in the minds of customers.

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