SEO: Make Sure Your Website is More than Just a Pretty Face

Web site design plays a huge role in how the traffic you drive to your web site with great SEO efforts will behave. Efforts of a good seo agency can bring the prospects to your web site and help you with making sure that the traffic translates into customers.

Your website is an online representation of your brand. Aside from social media, Web design is one of the most important components for small businesses throughout Los Angeles. This is a known fact among entrepreneurs, who sometimes dish out thousands to have a customized site designed by an SEO agency. Now, although a website should look attractive and be very user-friendly, there are other components that need to be addressed if you want your website to succeed.

A nice looking website will only benefit your small business if people are actually visiting it. What ways are you optimizing it to attract traffic to your site? Search engine optimization is key for driving not just people, but prospects who are more likely to convert.

You Website Design is Essential Because…

Numbers show that a whopping 70 percent of consumers don’t trust sites that have a bad design. This means higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates for small businesses with poor site designs. But what makes a design good or bad? There are multiple factors that should be considered when developing a Web design for your Los Angeles business. For one, the color schemes should be easy on the eyes, and possibly implement color psychology.

Your site should also have elements that are user-friendly, such as simple navigation, easy-to-read font styles and colors and speed. A slow website is a big turn off and will surely send people away from your site in droves.

Other Essential Elements for Web Design

You don’t want your website to be just another pretty face in the crowd. You need to ensure that certain search engine optimization elements are being used to help people find your Los Angeles business. On-site search engine optimization is one element that needs to be included. An SEO agency can analyze what you have so far and tweak it as needed. Agency experts can also implement off-site search engine optimization, especially if they offer services such as social media marketing, content marketing and other forms of link building.

You also have to ensure that your site design offers the best user experience possible. A professional Web designer will offer advice about what will and won’t work in your dream design. Keep in mind that your site is for users, so it needs to be simple and allow them to find what they need quickly.

If you need assistance with your Web design, you can hire an SEO agency to analyze your site or build you a new one.

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