S-Commerce: The Newest “S” Word in Internet Marketing

s-commerceIt started with SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. This was the first internet marketing tool utilized by the masses. That has caught on so quickly that it is almost a dying resource at this point, but social media marketing has taken the reins. Social media is the center of the marketing world right now, and companies that don’t get on board aren’t going to see the success that their competition does. Every marketing blog, professional, and SEO company will tell you just how critical it is to utilize social media effectively in your marketing.

As of 2015, a new “S” word has arrived: S-Commerce. Also seen as s-commerce, S-commerce, and Scommerce, this new resource is going to change the way that companies do business. Social selling, essentially, is what S-commerce stands for. It is a way for social media networks to integrate buying features right on their platforms, engaging customers all the way through the purchase process. This will be great for social media brands and businesses alike, but it could also affect the traffic and sales occurring at the direct website of the business.

S-commerce is still being tested, for the most part, and has not become a full-fledged service just yet. Twitter and Facebook are gunning for the chance to offer their users a “buy now” option from their favorite companies and brands. Other social networks are getting on board, as well. Because the internet has become so heavily reliant on social media, it only makes sense to take the marketing to the people in the same way.

Social commerce is how marketers are going to leverage social media marketing to influence the shopping behavior of consumers. A collective definition has been compiled that offers a more detailed explanation of s-commerce:

● A subset of e-commerce that utilizes social media to assist in buying and selling products and services
● The act of consumers engaging in conversations related to products and services, which segue into recommendations, purchases, and more
● The marriage of social media and e-commerce
● Tapping into social media with a goal of increasing sales and purchases
● Technology that facilitates interactions resulting in the purchase of goods or services
● Shopping-oriented social media marketing
● Encourages sharing rather than private shopping and personal buying
● The ability of consumers to purchase products directly (within 2-5 clicks) from social media websites

How would you define social commerce? Is it having an influence on your brand yet? If not, these are tips to keep in mind that will help you prepare.

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