Managing Your Reputation in a New Marketing Era

Online Visibility Impacts Your SEO Strategy


Reputation is everything to your business and your brand. Without that, you essentially have

nothing. Of course, this is Business 101 information to most, so what is the big deal about

bringing it up now?

Now, the marketing world is experiencing a revolution. Now, the Digital Age has taken over and

if you aren’t virtual, you’re virtually nonexistent to the modern consumer. What does that mean

for your reputation management? According to almost every SEO company, It means you’re in

a whole new arena and have a whole new set of marketing tools that you’ll use to get your

name out there. One of the biggest things people miss with online reputation management is

simple: search your brand (or yourself).

If you do a Google search for your business name, you will be able to set up Google alerts to tell

you when new content arrives. You will also be able to see where your business is visible,

whether you have positive rankings, and where you can make improvements. It’s like a free

map to improving your reputation; why not capitalize on that?

Online Visibility Impacts Your SEO Strategy

Join social networks, and make sure that you join the right ones. Some types of businesses or

companies will do better on a certain social site than others, and vice versa. For a company like

ours, just about any social network can provide reputation points when used correctly. Others,

such as designers or furniture companies, for example, might benefit from sites like Pinterest

more than others because of the visual nature of their business.

If you’re not sure which social networks to join, or how to use them to improve your reputation, a

professional SEO company like ours can help. We will be able to help you explore all of the

facets of new media and internet marketing to determine the best online reputation

management strategy for your brand, no matter what business you might be in.

What have you found effective for your online reputation management? As an SEO company,

we’re eager to hear success stories and find out what makes each business tick in the

marketing world of the modern internet. Share your success stories below!

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