How Important is LinkedIn for Business Social Networking?


Currently, there are about 40 million people in the U.S. that have a LinkedIn profile. As the most

popular social network for professionals, this website has a lot to offer for many organizations

and companies both in the U.S. and around the world. LinkedIn is helping companies find

employees, make connections with colleagues, check out the competition, and even target

potential customers with added blogs and targeted advertising.

How Effective is LinkedIn for your SEO?
How Effective is LinkedIn for your SEO?

There are more than 5.5 million executives and business owners that have a LinkedIn profile,

and 40% of the people on the social site have a college degree. Any SEO company will tell you

that you can definitely benefit from putting yourself or your business on a website like this. The

numbers alone make it quite obvious. This is a definite must-have in your online reputation

management arsenal.

While Facebook and Twitter might offer room for business and pleasure, LinkedIn is all about

business. The site is known to be best for:

-Networking (especially locally)

-Industry connections

-Lead generation

-Online reputation management

-Company stats and information

-Increased search engine rankings for business or personal profiles

There is no “rule” among the average SEO company saying that every business needs a profile

on this social network. However, there are a lot of signs pointing to the fact that it might be in

your best interest. LinkedIn allows you to explore the relationships between customers,

colleagues, and competitors alike through the “connections” link. This could be valuable

marketing research for your organization. It also allows you to discover information about

prospects, customers, competitors, and even prospective employees.

The biggest benefit that this website has from a business perspective is its professional nature

and credibility. Unlike Facebook and many other social networks that are all over the map,

LinkedIn focuses on professionalism and business connections. Any SEO company will tell you

that a professional resource like this is invaluable to businesses seeking a professional

reputation and image. If you’re looking for a successful social media campaign that capitalizes

on professional resources, LinkedIn is a must have tool.

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