Powerful Platforms for Building Brand Awareness: 4 Must-Have Social Tools

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Social media is the center of branding and marketing right now. So many consumers love the

social connection that they get with brands by connecting online. There are plenty of different

social networks and some offer more than others. You have to position your brand in the right

spot, with the right audience, and on the best social networks available online.

If you really want to blow your competition out of the water with branding, SEO companies

recommend the following social networks:

Social Media is key to Digital Marketing and SEO results
Social Media is key to Digital Marketing and SEO results

Twitter: Everyone should use Twitter, according to SEO companies. It allows people to start or

join conversations, interact directly with customers, and access quick, short updates and posts.

Instagram: This is great for luxury brands, lifestyle and food brands, and even fashion or

personalities. This visual sharing site can be used once or twice a day, and even includes an

advertising program for brands that want to optimize their advertising by doing it on one of the

most popular social networks.

LinkedIn: Businesses, especially those that are B2B organizations, can benefit from this social

network. It’s a corporate-style sharing site for job listings, company information, employer and

employee research, and more. It’s essentially the online equivalent of traditional, offline

networking. Online reputation management professionals swear by this site.

Facebook: Everyone is on Facebook. Your interaction is more limited with your customers on

Facebook because businesses and personal pages are considered different categories.

However, you can reach a lot of people and get a lot of visibility on this site. Plus, you can post

information about your business, engage with your audience and colleagues, and provide that

extra personable connection that your audience demands.

SEO companies all have a different list of which social sites work for which brands and business

types, but these are the four that everyone should look into for online reputation management

and branding. If you want to get noticed and get your name out there where it matters, social

media marketing is the go-to solution and this is where you will find it.

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