Make Your Google Adwords Campaigns Cost-Effective

Pay Per Click Management Agency Los Angeles


So you’ve decided to take your Los Angeles business to the next level with PPC marketing. This is an excellent decision, but only if you know what you’re doing. A lot of businesses figure this out the hard way, after losing a good sum of money on poor-performing PPC campaigns. An SEO agency should be used, especially if you aren’t experienced with Google Adwords. You’re going to want experts on hand to handle any problems that arise. Here are a few issues you may run into along the way.

Pay Per Click Management Agency Los Angeles
PPC can be beneficial for many reasons

You’re Getting a Lot of Mobile Placements and Clicks, but Low to No Conversions

We all know that mobile users are taking over the Internet scene. Google has already noted that mobile search has surpassed desktop. However, this doesn’t mean you should add mobile search to your desktop search campaigns. It’s known that Google’s Display Network (GDN) tends to lean towards mobile placements. If this is becoming a problem for your campaign, you can block mobile placements from appearing within your GDN-target campaigns. A simple exclusion rule is all that’s needed to limit mobile placements to certain campaigns. If you’re not sure how to do this, an expert from an SEO agency can help.

Automatic Placements Are Sending Non-Converting Traffic Your Way

It’s important to review your placement report regularly. Make sure to exclude URLs and Web sites that are driving non-converting traffic. Automatic placements is a great tool for finding relevant sites. However, if not monitored, you could end up with tons of irrelevant traffic.

The “Targeting Optimization” Feature Isn’t Driving Conversions

This feature can be used on your display campaigns. However, if you find that the traffic it’s bringing in isn’t converting, then it’s time to turn the feature off. Instead, you can run campaigns using the exact targeting options that you’ve chosen. The great thing about Google Adwords is that it offers powerful targeting options for segments. You can use a variety of criteria to create these segments, such as keywords, demographics, placements, customer remarketing lists and topics. You can then choose conservative or aggressive options for the “Targeting Optimization” feature. Be careful because this setting is set by default whenever you create a new display campaign. A lot of folks don’t realize this and end up losing a lot of money on unwanted clicks.

Incoming Traffic is from Similar, But Unrelated Search Terms

An SEO agency in Los Angeles can help you with this problem. Sometimes, being careful about the match types, keywords and negative lists you use isn’t enough. There’s still a chance that unrelated terms will pop up in your campaigns.

The Keywords Are Right, But You’re Still Not Getting Good Results

There’s no sense in continuing to bid if your campaign isn’t working. You may feel that the keywords you’re using are perfect, but if they aren’t bringing in and/or converting traffic, then they’re useless. The match type and granularity of your chosen keywords matter. It could be that the auctions you enter into are using terms that aren’t directly related to your industry. Google now includes “closely related” search terms, even if your campaign is using exact match type. You can save money by controlling which terms are used for your ads. This can be done using the Search Query Report and ad group, shared negative lists and campaign. You should definitely be using these if you are using phrases, broad and broad-matched modified terms.

PPC campaigns can be very tricky. Even some SEO agencies don’t get it right. This is why you should choose a company that has a great track record for success. Your money is on the line – make sure you’re not wasting it!

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