Key Ingredients of Any Great Mobile Marketing Plan

You are missing out if your internet marketing does is not considering mobile users

Mobile marketing is the bees knees once you get your campaign going strong. Everyone knows the importance of reaching mobile device users, especially if you’re trying to sell more and gain more visibility on search engines. Today, mobile marketing is built into the foundation of every strategy put together by a professional SEO service.

Just last year, more than half of the searches performed around the world took place on mobile devices. That’s a huge number you can’t ignore – and if you’re smart, you aren’t. In fact, this is why you’re working diligently to put together a winning mobile marketing plan. But in order to do so, you need to use the same ingredients used by the best SEO companies in Los Angeles.

Super Fast Pages

You won’t get away with using a cheaper hosting company with slow page download speeds. This is guaranteed to drive away much of your mobile traffic, which will put a major dent in your conversion rates. If people aren’t sticking around to see what’s on your site, then how do you expect to appeal to them?

A Google My Business

All you have to do is set this up one time and you’re good to go. This records all of your business details, including your address, hours of operation and phone numbers, which shows up in Google Maps and Google Search. You can also upload photos of your building, products and so on. Remember, mobile users are using Google to find local businesses, so this is crucial.

Local Keywords in Your Content

The content you create for your website should be mobile-friendly, which means using short paragraphs, bullet lists, detailed subheadings and so on. You should also sprinkle local keywords throughout the content. Again, mobile users are looking for local businesses, so this will help put your content in the search results they’re browsing through. A professional SEO service can create a list of relevant local keywords your brand should use.

Voice Search Optimization

This is really important, since many mobile users are using voice search features to find products and content. Data shows that on Android, voice search makes up 20 percent of Google queries. That translates to hundreds of millions of searches. And as for demographics, it seems that more than half of those using voice search daily are teens and 41 percent are adults.

These are just some of the top ingredients your mobile marketing strategy should contain. Consult with a professional SEO service to flesh out the rest of your plan.

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