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Video is a dominant force on the Web, quickly becoming the most preferred type of content to view. By 2017, it’s predicted that 74 percent of all Web traffic will be for videos. Today, the average American is watching five hours of TV daily. Data from 2013 also showed that one out of every three tablet owners spent a minimum of one hour daily watching videos. This tells SEO companies that people are switching from TV sets to their handheld devices for video entertainment. With video a prominent source of user engagement, there’s no denying that it should be implemented in your own Internet marketing strategy. SEO services throughout L.A. are already utilizing video for marketing purposes and are ranking high on search engines. If you’d like to do the same, here are some quick tips to keep in mind!

Increase your SEO with video marketing
Increase your SEO with video marketing

Keyword Research is Still a Must

Just like with optimizing your written content, you have to research keywords for your online videos. These will have to be associated with the content of the video, of course. If you need help with determining a grand selection of key phrases, you can use SEO expert services. It’s important to test out different keyword variations to find out what yields the best results. An SEO service in L.A. can also be used for the experimentation process.

Name Video Files Descriptively

Rather than giving your video files generic names, you can use descriptive words from your keyword list. For example, you could name your video “GarageDoorRepairMiamiFLorida.mpg” instead of “Video0657.mpg”.

Use the Tag Feature to Implement More Keywords

Tagging your videos with keywords is a smart move. Make sure that your content and titles are engaging and easy to read (aka written for real people). By adding tags, it gives search engines more info about your content and how to rank it. SEO expert services would dare not ignore such details since this is an easy win.

Make Use of Closed Captions

When you transcribe your videos, this gives more content for search engines to crawl, which means more chances of your videos being ranked in search results.

Upload Your Videos to the Proper YouTube Category

You can also upload your content to other sites that are crawled by search engines. However, when choosing the category for your uploads, make sure that it’s relevant to your content. For instance, if you are a garage door repair company, you would upload your videos to the “Home Improvement” category.

These are simple yet effective tips that are being used by SEO services in L.A. and beyond. Try using them for your video channels and uploads to see if it helps to improve your ranks.

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