How to Find and Fix Website Conversion Rate Issues


If only there were a clinic you could check your website into when it’s not performing well. It would make everything so much easier if you could get a doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation for fixing whatever flaws your site has. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing, which means you either have to do the diagnosing yourself, or hire professional SEO services to do it for you.

The good news is that there are ways for you to get an idea of why your conversion rates are suffering It’s a bit harder to decipher this when you have a brand new site, since there could be hundreds of possible reasons, such as your content, web design or messaging.

Here are a few scenarios to help give you a clue to what the underlying problem could be for your site.

You’re Not Getting Any Traffic

There’s no way you’re going to convert people into customers if no one is taking the leap of faith to click on your website links. With that said, traffic is an absolute must. The more quality traffic you drive in, the better your chances of achieving high conversion rates. So in this case, you have to figure out how to bring in more traffic. Professional SEO services have the knowledge and tools to determine this swiftly.

Your Bounce Rates Are through the Roof

On the other hand, if you’re getting tons of traffic, but there are no conversions, then it’s time to look at your Google Analytics account to see where people are going. If you notice your bounce rates are high, then this is the source of the problem. This is when people enter your site and leave right away – hence they’re bouncing away. This could be due to not being able to find what they’re looking for right away or you’re dragging in the wrong audience. It’s important that your ads and content attract the right people or they’re not going to stick around to see what you’re site is about.

Engagement Rates Are Impressive

Social media has made user engagement easier to obtain, but transferring engagement into conversions isn’t always easy. People will interact with the posts you make, but won’t always click on your links and buy your products and services. Two possible reasons why they aren’t could be because they don’t know how to complete your call to action or aren’t convinced of why they should.

Unless you’re adamant on trying to figure things out on your own, you should consider hiring professional SEO services to speed things along. You have more important things to worry about, like running your business!

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