How to Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition

In today’s business marketing is about creating great data and content. Businesses who know how to use that data for their marketing will enjoy a long successful future.

Your unique selling proposition is what’s going to help set your brand apart from the others in your industry. Just look at how the various local SEO companies in Los Angeles do it. Many of them offer the same services, but there’s something slightly different about one than the other.

If you’re a startup or even a brand that’s been in business a few years, you need to find your USP and use it to your benefit. This is especially important if you’re struggling with getting new leads and/or converting the traffic you do have.

Finding your USP doesn’t take rocket science – here are a few step you can take to discover yours.

Research Leaders in Your Industry

What is it that your biggest competitors are doing that makes them successful? Do customers like them because their customer service is great, or is it because their products are the highest quality? There are various reasons why consumers choose certain brands and stick with them. Do the research to see what they’re doing right (and wrong) and how you can do it better.

This is where SEO services from a company in Los Angeles can be very valuable – market research.

Focus on the Benefits (Rather than the Features)

This is marketing 101 – sell the sizzle, not the steak. Consumers want to know what’s in it for them, not why your company is the best in the industry. When you’re writing your content, you need to ensure you’re showcasing all the great benefits it can offer to your prospects. The features can be emphasized near the end, after the customer knows what they’ll get out of it if they decide to buy.

Survey Your Current Customers

You can learn a lot about your brand just by asking a few simple questions to your current customers. Place polls on your website, social media and emails to get free feedback from your biggest advocates. Their insight can really shed light onto what makes your products or services worthy of their purchase. There’s nothing more valuable than the insight from your customer base. Social media marketing companies can be hired to manage your social accounts and boost engagement using posts, polls and other types of content.

There’ a lot of information you can gather from the world wide web to help you formulate a unique selling proposition. Once you have that, you can use an SEO company in Los Angeles to emphasize your USP throughout your content.

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