Track Success (or Failure) of Your Social Media Marketing


When you want to boost traffic to your website, you have two options – enhance your SEO strategy or implement a social media marketing plan. Both are very useful tools, especially when combined together. However, both require careful analysis to ensure they’re performing optimally. If you’re not keeping track of your strategies or don’t know how to, you should consider finding a social media marketing company in Los Angeles for assistance.

It doesn’t make sense to continue implementing a strategy if it’s not yielding satisfactory results. A social media marketing service can provide expert insight and determine whether your goals are attainable or out of reach.

Setting goals is key to making your plan successful. The following are some tips for setting goals for your social media marketing and how to track them.

Building Awareness for Your Brand

Studies show that the average person is using social media every day for about two hours. This is why many marketers and brands are using it to connect with consumers. Building brand awareness is essential if you want to attract more prospects. One way to determine whether you’re building brand awareness is to count your followers, shares and mentions, and post reach.

You’re better able to track these things on certain social media platforms, which you can access or hire social media marketing companies in Los Angeles to do it for you.

Getting More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Social media is a helpful tool for pushing more traffic to your website or blog. Studies show that three out of five marketers are already using social media as a channel for promoting their content and increasing incoming traffic.

Some of the metrics you want to review to determine this include how much traffic your social profiles are getting, where your traffic is coming from, your site’s current bounce rate and how many clicks your posts are getting. You can also gather plenty of evidence from Google Analytics, which can be assessed by an expert. It’s easy to read the amount of traffic your site is getting from social media to determine the effectiveness of your strategy.

Increasing Your Lead Generation

Getting more leads is key to growing your brand. The more people who learn of your products and services, the better your chances of obtaining new customers. Social media is shown to help warm up prospects to your brand. And if you have a form on your website where users can sign up for a newsletter or free download, then you have the means to track leads.

There are various ways you can determine the lead generation of your strategy. For instance, you can look at the amount of emails collected from social media, how many people engage with posts you publish, how many people are clicking on your posts and how many users have downloaded content from your gated content.

You’re able to set up conversion goals on Google Analytics, which can help you keep track of leads generated from social media.

Boosting Your Revenue

Every company is looking to enhance their revenue. Direct marketing is an effective way for brands to build leads and convert them into paying customers. Social media is one tool you can use to interact with paying customers directly. Ways you can determine whether your revenue is improving is to review how many people are now following your social profile. The revenue you’re generating from ads is also worth keeping track of, since this indicates the amount of views they’re getting.

Google Analytics is an all-around tool that can be used to keep track of your social media marketing campaigns. You can hire experts from Los Angeles companies to set goals and manage your social media accounts.

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