Don’t Think You Need SEO Anymore? Think Again

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead?A lot of people are seeing the changes in marketing trends as a sign that they can ditch old marketing methods. This includes the rumors making their rounds that SEO is “dead”, but the reality is that it’s still alive and well, and won’t be dying any time soon. The use of SEO has changed, creating an evolved SEO that you still need to capitalize on in your marketing.

There are some areas of SEO that are no longer relevant, such as keyword stuffing, link buying, duplicate websites, optimized content for ranking only, and other black-hat tactics. Black-hat refers to the less-than-proper ways to use SEO that many people used to rely on. The white-hat tactics, the ones that still matter, have simply evolved and changed the way that people utilize SEO in their marketing. Any SEO agency will tell you that SEO is still a must. Why?

For starters, content is still king. People are constantly searching for content that answers their questions, serves their needs, or piques their interest. That puts the pressure on marketing teams to ensure that they serve up value-added content. Still, to make sure the right people see that content, you need SEO.

A professional SEO company is often the best route for your marketing strategy, simply because they understand the evolution of SEO, as well as how it ties into new strategies and marketing concepts that are popular today, such as local search, social media marketing, and others. Most of your marketing has a shelf life, or an expiration date. SEO lives forever, so long as you put it out there.

You will find that any SEO agency that you approach will tell you about how SEO is evolving, not leaving the internet marketing world. They will help you understand the evolution of this marketing tool and why you need it, including because content is still in high demand. SEO also focuses on localized search for consumers on the go, as Local SEO is becoming the next big thing in marketing. Every business can benefit from SEO, even as it evolves and changes, to keep up with the marketing strategies that are going to get results.

Before you toss SEO out the window and walk away completely, talk to an SEO company about how you can utilize the evolution of this marketing tool for your business. Chances are that you’ll find more ways to implement evolved SEO than you imagined.

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