The Modern SEO Specialist: New Pros for the New World of Marketing

SEO Specialist

SEO SpecialistWhile traditionally, an SEO professional was one that focused on keyword optimization for content, that role has changed slightly over time. As the world of SEO and internet marketing have evolved, so has the role of this professional. A modern SEO specialist isn’t just skilled in keyword searches, density, and optimization. They must also be involved in all aspects of the marketing strategy, from visual content to tags, social media marketing, and other important areas.

Ultimately, the job of the SEO companies or professionals that you work with is to make websites show up within the top 5-10 search engine results. In addition, they need to help with effective social media marketing and other types of marketing avenues. Integrated strategies are the only way to be successful in modern internet marketing. Today, that requires the ability to prioritize, problem solve, make decisions, and create integrated marketing campaigns for every client. Some of the biggest duties include:

● Improving URL structure (to include keywords)
● Optimize title tags
● Optimize headings
● Write rich, informative content (not keyword stuffed)

Essentially, the modern SEO company is partially a problem solving group and partially a little bit of magic. Their goal is to pull the rabbit out of the hat just-so, so that Google and other search engines are impressed with the result. It’s much less about just the SEO and more about helping companies with marketing as a whole. This

Any SEO company that you work with today should strive to ensure that your website is visible and that your brand visibility is strong across all platforms. This includes social media marketing. The ultimate goal is to get your brand noticed, after all, so the modern SEO professional or team will do whatever it takes to achieve that result. Today’s marketing goes well beyond keywords and the best modern SEO companies understand that.

At I Think an Idea, we will work with you to create a dynamic marketing campaign that integrates all of the services and solutions that you need, providing you with the modern SEO company that you deserve.

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