#DeleteUber: How to Prepare Your Brand for Backlash

The whole #deleteuber ordeal is very unfortunate for the brand that revolutionized the transportation industry. This just goes to show how careful we must be of the beliefs and emotions of our customers. When we overstep those boundaries, we can quickly fall into limbo with nowhere to run. In this case, it was something unintentional that sparked a flame and set a wildfire ablaze. Now they’re losing thousands of customers and even more money because of it. In this scenario, it would be a good idea to have an SEO agency on your team that can help do some damage control.

If you’re not familiar with what happened with Uber, here’s a quick summary. The company got backlash for its price surge during the JFK airport protests for Trump’s executive order blocking immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries. The Taxi Alliance joined in on the protests by not picking up passengers at JFK between 6pm and 7pm. Since the demand went up for Uber, the automatic surge pricing kicked in, hiking up the prices.

Uber forgot to turn off the surge pricing, so it looked like they were trying to take advantage of the situation for profits. And their customers didn’t like the fact a company they liked didn’t seem to care about the protests and was looking out for their own pockets. Although this wasn’t the case, it still caused over 200K customers to delete the Uber app (hence #deleteuber).

What You Should Do During a Backlash

It seems like nothing the Uber CEO says can change the minds of the lost customers. And at the same time, their biggest competitors Lyft is raking in on the profits. They went from being the 39th in the App store to No. 7 in just one weekend. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, so we’ll keep our eyes open to see what they do to turn this around.

Meanwhile, you can start planning ahead in case you end up in hot water with your customers. It’s best to do this with the assistance of an SEO agency.

Keep Your Ears On the Ground

The internet is abuzz with customers talking about your brand and it’s products or services. You need to pay attention to the conversations being had on your channels, as well as others you’re not using. You need to catch a potential backlash before it turns into a major problem. You can work with some of the best SEO companies in Los Angeles that offer social media management services to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Develop a Plan of Action

You never want to wait until you are in the middle of a war to start sharpening your blades. Make sure you have a strategy ready to be executed. An SEO agency equipped to do both plan and implement your online reputation management strategy.

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