Want to Succeed in Snapchat? Learn from these Brands!

Some brands are iffy about jumping on Snapchat because they’re unsure of how to approach it. So many of them ignore it and stick with other platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Others may find Snapchat’s audience a bit too young for their products or services, and feel it’s a waste of time. However, there are various brands that have made the choice to jump into this social network and are actually doing quite well for themselves. The key to any great strategy is to have an expert design one for you. You can have your strategy created and executed by an SEO professional that offers social media marketing services.

Meanwhile, let’s review what these following brands are doing right on Snapchat.

Taco Bell

One of the first brands to open a Snapchat account was Taco Bell. They used the storytelling tools available in Snapchat to attract users of the app. The only problem with Snapchat is that the posts don’t last forever. This makes it more difficult for brands that are using it for product announcements. However, Taco Bell has had no problems with presenting new burritos and tacos to its followers. The brand also has also used this medium to offer tips about getting a date on V-Day.

You can do something similar with the assistance of an SEO services company. An expert in social media marketing can plan out your posts in advance to draw in the most attention and drive user engagement.


There’s no place Amazon won’t venture into, especially when it sees an opportunity to profit Amazon rakes in the dough by using Snapchat to release deals. In 2016, the brand got a lot of attention during Black Friday when it started posting promo codes for super low deals like $1 for wireless Bluetooth speakers that normally cost $60. Amazon also uses Snapchat for announcing exclusive deals to its followers.


It’s no surprise that the beauty sector would find its way into the Snapchat craze. Birchbox is a makeup company, which used Snapchat Stories to get people’s attention. They developed a series showing how one woman went from plain-faced to all made up. What’s savvy about this is that the brand was able to showcase it’s products, while at the same time offering their followers something of value (how to get glamorous using their products).

These are just some of the various brands that have done amazing things using the Snapchat app. You too can do the same with the help of an SEO company in Los Angeles.

More Reasons You Should Be Using Snapchat

We’ll admit, Snapchat isn’t for everyone, but it’s something you want to consider if your audience is using it. There are key facts about the app that are also worth checking out. Just maybe it will help you see how powerful of a marketing tool this network can be:

  • Each day, 158 million people login and use Snapchat
  • There are over 2.5 billion Snaps made each day
  • The average user spends between 25 and 30 minutes daily using the app

The potential of reaching just a fraction of this audience makes Snapchat worth your while. But if you’re not sure how you can use this highly-visual social network for your campaign, you should consult with professional SEO services.

Selecting the best platforms for your online marketing is crucial to your success. While you don’t want to waste time on the wrong networks, you also don’t want to overlook potential goldmines. You can work together with professional SEO service providers to test out new and emerging platforms before deeming them unworthy.

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