Quick Guide to Becoming an Online Influencer


When you first start a business, you have no authority. This means getting people to buy from you is very difficult. Unless your product or service is unique or in high demand (and there’s a low supply), you’re going to have to work much harder to advertise your business. There are two paths to gaining recognition – connecting with influencers who promote your brand and becoming an influencer yourself. The latter takes time and dedication, and can be done seamlessly with the assistance of a professional SEO service.

The key to becoming a person with authority, you need to assert yourself as an industry leader. You can do this in a number of ways, but the following are quick steps you can use to get started.

Choose a Platform to Build Upon

There are different types of platforms you can use to build your reputation, including social media networks, personal or business blogs, podcast or YouTube, to name a few. You should select the channels that your audience frequents. This can be a combination of platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and your business blog. Wherever you are, make sure you’re posting relevant and informative content frequently.

Know Thy Audience

Generally speaking, you’re talking to prospects and customers. But who exactly is this crowd? Numbers show only 20 percent of customers are driving business to brands via referrals and repeat purchases. So it’s really good to know who you’re gearing your content towards, so you can keep loyal customers coming back. Professional services can be obtained from an SEO company in Los Angeles to help with developing customer personas.

At the end of the day, all of your content should be created with a specific purpose, whether it’s to evoke emotion, educate, inspire or entertain. Make sure your content is fresh and portrays your own ideals and opinions to separate you from the others who are writing on the same topic. This will help make your content share-worthy.

Implement Search Engine Optimization

Social media will only take your content marketing strategy but so far. If you really want to gain recognition as an influencer, then you need to ensure you’re found everywhere, including Google. You’ll need a well-researched list of keywords that you can use in your content. This needs to be carefully monitored to ensure your SEO strategy is working. Hiring a company that offers professional SEO services is your best bet, so consider this when putting together your content marketing campaign.

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