5 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

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Do you feel like your social media marketing plan could use some tweaking? In Internet

marketing, there’s always room for improvement, which is why staying abreast of the latest

trends and methods is a must. Social media marketing companies are using various tactics to

enhance their marketing strategies. Whether you opt to use social media marketing services

or do this on your own, you should find the following tips to be good enough to add to your


Use Links to Optimize Visual Content

Hopefully, by now you know that visual content is king on social media. If you’re using

infographics, images or even videos, then you’ve already got a great head start. But to further

your efforts, these can be optimized using links to your Web site. The link should take the

reader to a blog post, article or other relevant content that they’ll find valuable. A great SEO

services company in Los Angeles will always utilize this into their SEO marketing strategy.

Increase Your Reach Using Multiple Content Formats

Online Visibility Impacts Your SEO Strategy
Online visibility is vital to SEO success and your social media marketing strategies.

Written content is great for an Internet marketing strategy, but what would improve it even is

the use of other formats. So rather than solely relying on your written blog posts, you can

venture over to YouTube. This would increase your visibility and reach – two things every

social media marketing company is aiming to achieve. Another option would be to transform

your written content into images, such as slide shares.

Give Your Follower Consistency

As you grow your readership, it’s important to provide them with consistency. By making

posting regularly, you increase chances of engagement. This can be hard for those who have

difficulties churning out content frequently. The good news is that you don’t have to post at

high frequencies. For some, posting once or twice per week is enough to keep their readers

satisfied. Just make sure that the content you do post is relevant, interesting and valuable.

Host a Google+ Hangouts Event

Google+ is a great way to promote social engagement and client relationships.
Google+ is a great way to promote social engagement and client relationships.

Social media is about connections and interactions. What better way to do that than opening

up a virtual conversation? Of course, these events should be tailored around the right people,

such as prospects, customers, other influencers or avid followers. The point of these

hangouts is to answer questions, promote, network and create strong bonds.



Build a Strategy Around Hashtags

Hashtag use can improve your social media presence and exposure
Hashtag use can improve your social media presence and exposure

Hashtags are an excellent way to gain visibility for your posts. However, randomly using

different hashtags each time you post isn’t going to yield the best results. For a campaign to

be successful, you need to string together specific hashtags to use. The hashtags should also

be simple to spell and not too long. A social media marketing company can help you

strategize hashtag use.

In order for your social media campaigns to be fruitful, consistency, frequency and careful

planning are ideal. Try implementing these tips into your strategy to see how it can improve


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