6 Tips for Maintaining a Clean & Professional Image


You work hard to get to the first page results of search engines like Google, but what happens

when what shows up there isn’t what you wanted? What if there was a listing of a negative

review that makes your image look less than squeaky clean? Although no one is perfect, the

way you handle yourself in times of adversity is important. Before the negative begins to

outweigh the bad, online reputation management should be performed.

There are many SEO companies that offer online reputation management services, which can

help professionals like you maintain or cleanup their image. To help prevent the need of a

“cleanup”, it’s vital that you do all you can to build and manage a professional image. Here are

six ways you can do just that:

Googling yourself is a great method for online reputation management

1. Google yourself. Find out what is being said about you and your products or services,

so that you can address concerns or complaints quickly. This act of good faith will

resonate in the online community and show that you care. To make things easier, you

can also set up Google alerts for your business name so that you are notified right

away when a post is made.

2. Your name can be a domain, so purchase it! Sites like GoDaddy can be used to buy

your domain name for cheap. If your name is Sally Sue, then your Web site name

would be sallysue.com. Some even go as far as to purchase different variations, like

sallysue.org, sallysue.net and so on. You can then post up your bio, blog posts or


3. Place all of your online content on one Web site. If you have a WordPress or Tumblr,

attach your domain name to it and use that. Make sure it has a professionally designed

template or custom design.

Social Media is a great way to establish a positive online reputation

4. Get active in social media. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn – these are all great

places to establish an audience and a professional image. This also gives you quick

access for online reputation management, allowing you to quickly post answers to

concerns and address complaints as they occur.

5. Optimize your social media accounts. On LinkedIn, you can edit your URL to have your

full name. You can also link your social media accounts on sites like Google+, so take

advantage of this.

6. Take your privacy seriously. Surely, you know not to post unprofessional photos of

yourself online, but you can’t control what others post. If you were in a club, dancing on

top of a bar, anyone around could snap a photo and post it on the Web. Aside from

keeping a professional demeanor in public, you should go through your privacy

settings on Facebook and other accounts to ensure that personal accounts are only

shared with close friends and family.

But when all else fails, online reputation management can be used to control the fallout!

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