5 Tips for Turning Awkward Keywords into Awesome Content

SEO Specialist

Writing content that’s appealing and search-engine friendly is a problem many writers have

faced over the years. Maintaining quality is sometimes difficult when you’re trying to force

keywords into a piece. The good news is that today, search engines are much smarter, which

means writers can focus on what they do best – writing informative pieces of content. No

more staring at a blank screen wondering how to fit in awkward keyword phrases like “L.A.

SEO service” or “laptop repair service New York City.”

There’s no denying that long string keywords such as these can be great for local SEO, but

only if it’s done in a natural way. Google, Bing and other search engines are no longer giving

high rankings to sites that use these awkward keywords. So now, we’re able to break up

these phrases, allowing them to fit into articles and blog posts seamlessly.

SEO Specialist
Make sure your content is reader and search-engine

The following tips are tricks that are being used by SEO services throughout Los Angeles and

beyond. Here’s what you can do to make sure your content is reader and search-engine


 Change the order of the keywords: Search engines don’t care for the order of

keywords, just as long as they’re in the content. If you have a keyword like SEO

company Los Angeles, you can break it up in a sentence, like “When your Los Angeles

business Web site needs more traffic, consider hiring an SEO company.”

 Use different forms of the same keyword: Sometimes, adding an “s” or “ing” to the end

of a keyword can make it read better. For example, the keyword “carpet cleaner” can

be changed to “carpet cleaning” or “carpet cleaners.”

 Place a punctuation mark in between: Search engines are becoming less picky about

how we use keywords. To help make an awkward keyword phrase sound better, you

can place a comma or even a period in between. An example for “SEO services Los

Angeles” would be, “When you need better rankings for your Web site, you can use

SEO services. Los Angeles business owners can potentially increase traffic and ROI

by working with SEO experts.”

 Put short words in between the keywords: Simply adding “in” and “an” to a keyword

phrase can be a great way to make it flow better. This is especially true for local

keywords like “SEO service L.A.”, which can be rewritten as “SEO service in L.A.”

It’s more important today than ever to have content that is great quality and easy to read.

These tips can be used to ensure that your articles and blogs are SEO-friendly, without

sacrificing their quality.

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