4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing is Failing


Most businesses think they know what it takes to build a successful content marketing strategy – until their campaigns fail miserably. There’s more to content marketing than simply pushing out consistent posts. Any agency will tell you that SEO, quality content and an editorial calendar are essentials. Without these key elements, your strategy won’t get very far. There are also a number of other things that you should avoid doing to keep from dragging down your efforts, such as the following.

Selling Way Too Much

It’s important for you to understand that although you’re trying to sell products and services, you shouldn’t promote them every chance you get. Your content should be more focused on benefiting the end user – your prospects and customers. Find out what it is they want and need and provide it to them, whether it’s an in-depth case study or a how-to. Remember, content marketing is all about your audience.

Not Knowing Your Audience

Every business owner has an idea of who they want their audience to be, but who are they really? If you want to appeal to a specific market, then you need to study them, so that you can create content that is more personalized. Dig deeper to fill in your customer profiles – people are more than just an age, sex and location.

Not Designing Content Based On the Customer Journey

The content you write for folks who are just starting their customer journey should be different than the content created for folks who are on the verge of a purchase. For instance, at the beginning of the journey, your content should focus on educating the customer. Then near the end, you should reinforce the benefits of your products and services using testimonials, case studies and other data-backed research to help persuade the prospect to buy.

Not Making Your Content Discoverable

This is where search engine optimization comes into play. You need to implement an SEO strategy, which can be done with the help of an agency in Los Angeles. There are also other ways you can make your content easier to find, such as by using social media channels.

If you’ve already jump-started your content marketing campaigns, then it may be time to audit them, especially if they’re not performing up to par. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with an SEO agency to determine how you can turn your campaign into a real winner.

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