Clever Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website

A reputable SEO company knows the impact social media has on search engine rankings which is why they incorporate content marketing with social media marketing.

For decades, word of mouth was how companies generated new business. On the web, backlinks have taken over as a form of word of mouth. If you have enough of these coming in from reputable websites, your reputation can be boosted exponentially. However, getting them isn’t always so simple. If building backlinks is a part of your business’s SEO plan, then your company will find the following tidbits to be worth consideration.

Bringing Traffic Using Infographics

Everyone loves a great infographic, especially when it covers a topic that we’re interested in. If you know what your audience wants, then it shouldn’t be hard to conjure up one they will like and share. On that note, you should also include a link to your site in the infographic to help bring in traffic. You can place your infographic in blog posts and on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

There are different ways you can make your infographic appeal to your audience. For one, it needs to be visually appealing, using quality graphics and images. Choose a topic that is trending or use a story that is very interesting, and that your customers would care about. The more informational it is, the more people will use it in their content. If you can make it appeal to quality websites with a large following in your target market, then you really increase your traffic potential.

Leverage Your Relationships by Guest Blogging

Guest posts are still an amazing way for businesses to gain backlinks to their website. It’s why companies in Los Angeles that offer SEO services still use guest blogging to generate leads. But the only way for this to work is if you can get your content published on reputable websites. The key is to establish and build relationships with various third-party website owners and bloggers, so that you can pitch content ideas for them to publish on their site. You can even go to Google to contribute content – even they are always open to publishing guest content on the Google Analytics blog.

If you’re not familiar with the best websites to write for, you can do a number of queries on Google using industry or topic-related keyword searches, such as “keyword + inurl:write-for-us” or “keyword + guest posts.” You can also follow influencers in your industry and see which sites they are contributing to, so you can do the same. Google+ profiles showcase all the sites contributed to on the “About” section.

Learn How to Promote Your Content

Whether you publish content on your own blog or a third-party website, it’s important to promote it. Otherwise, your reach won’t be as impressive. Even if your content ends up being published on a popular website, you should still promote it as much as possible. Not only will this get it more views, but it will also build your credibility.

One of the best ways to promote your content is through social media. You should select platforms that your audience frequents. Another option is to reach out to influencers that have blogs and a social media presence so they too can promote your content to their followers. One way to find sites to contact is to type in “keyword + roundup” into Google. You can browse through the past month or week. Reach out to the website owners and introduce yourself and your intentions. Provide links to some of your best content, such as how-to guides and infographics. Refrain from asking for a backlink – focus on offering something they can’t refuse and you’ll get yourself a backlink easily!

Consider Using HARO

Journalists are still helpful when it comes to PR. They can help spread the word about your brand. You can use sites like HARO to connect with journalists and bloggers who are looking for a great story. Maybe you have a unique product that will be launching soon or have a success story you’d like to share. Think like a reporter – consider how you can spin a story for your brand.

Building backlinks for a website takes time and effort to effectively accomplish. If you don’t have the diligence to pull this off, then you can resort to using a reputable SEO company.

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