4 Myths Coachella Vally Businesses Sometimes Fall For

Small businesses across Coachella Valley are falling for common marketing misconceptions. Online marketing has grown into a major industry, thanks to the SEO services offered by Internet marketing agencies in Los Angeles and beyond. But many entrepreneurs are forgoing the help of experts and are attempting to do things themselves. The main issue with small businesses doing their own marketing is that they fail to have the knowledge or expertise to perform it optimally.

Google is always changing its algorithm, making it harder for busy business owners to keep up with the updates. But these changes are very important to pay attention to – if you can’t, then consider working with an SEO agency. Don’t make the mistakes other Coachella Valley businesses make when trying to do their own search engine optimization.

Here’s a quick look at some of the myths associated with local SEO.

Domain Name Has to Have Keyword

You’ve likely heard of this technique, where your main keyword is placed inside of your domain name. The truth is, this isn’t really required. Businesses that are new to Search Engine Optimization normally buy a domain with their keyword embedded in it, believing that this will give them competitive edge. Instead you should focus on getting a domain that has your brand name in it. This is what most people search for anyway.

Great Reviews and Ratings Are a Must

While reviews and ratings are good for business, it won’t do much for your search engine optimization. Now, this doesn’t mean you should ignore your ratings and reviews. This is where online reputation management comes into play, which can be obtained from an SEO agency in Los Angeles. Don’t get discouraged if you see negative reviews – you can’t please everyone.

Social Media Isn’t Necessary

There are billions of people on social media networks, doesn’t it make sense to have a presence here? This is an opportunity to raise awareness about your brand. But what does it do for your SEO? A lot! Thanks to Google’s algorithm, social media engagement helps to boost your content rankings. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are effective for managing your reputation and helping you to outperform competitors in the search engine results.

No Need to Optimize for Mobile

Some businesses in Coachella Valley feel their business doesn’t need to optimize for mobile. But if you look at the numbers, you’ll see that unless your customers are living in the dark ages, they are more than likely using mobile. Millions of American consumers are using their mobile devices daily, whether it’s to communicate, shop or look up information. If you don’t have a responsive website design, not only will you turn mobile device users off, it will also negatively impact your rankings.

You can work with an SEO agency to have your site redone with a responsive web design.

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