Why Attracting the Right Audience Should be a Top Priority

A reputable SEO company knows the impact social media has on search engine rankings which is why they incorporate content marketing with social media marketing.

All traffic is not created equal. In the past, search engine optimization “experts” used black hat methods to generate high volumes of traffic. However, the quality of the leads were very cold, which only increased bounce rates and decreased conversions. The quality of your incoming traffic is very important if you’re a business trying to convert visitors into loyal customers. It’s better to attract 1,000 people who actually want your products and services than to attract one million that could care less. An SEO agency can help build a strategy that aims towards generating quality leads.

As you’re looking for an SEO agency in Los Angeles, make sure you find services that promote conversion rates and revenue increases rather than high traffic numbers. This can be highly misleading as we’ve already pointed out.

The idea isn’t to get as many people as possible coming to your site. But getting the right people coming. The only way to pull this off is with a unique strategy tailored to your business’s target audience. If the SEO services you hire isn’t doing this for your company, then it’s time to end your contract.

The following will help prove that this year should be all about targeting the right audience in your online marketing campaigns.

Your Sales Will Suffer if You Don’t

Some experts say, if you’re getting thousands of visitors daily, but aren’t generating thousands of dollars monthly, then something is terribly wrong. This could be a case of attracting the wrong traffic. The PPC ads you’re using and the content you create all need to be tailored to your target market. If you can bait them into your site and your product or service is what they’re actually looking for, then your conversions will increase and so will your revenue.

You Can Save Money Generating the Right Traffic

Advertising can greatly impact your incoming traffic numbers. But when you’re getting a lot of the wrong people coming, you’re going to continue wasting dollars on ads that don’t work. Instead of tweaking your campaigns, you may resort to adding more ads to the campaign. You need an SEO agency to test our your ad copy and content to determine how to tweak them for better performance. You can inquire about conversion rate optimization to ensure your campaigns will get the attention it needs.

It’s important to stress that tweaking your campaigns takes time. Analytics tools are needed, as well as split A/B testing to help pinpoint problem areas. You may see a slight increase in conversion rates the first day of making changes to your ad copy. However, this isn’t very telling. You need at least 30 days of consistent numbers to see what’s really going on and if improvements have actually been made.

When You Get the Right Traffic, You Get Great Test Results

Once you start generating traffic from the right audience, you will see faster results from your testing. The way to look at it is like this – if your ads are being seen by the wrong people, then you can’t really trust those test results. But once you get the copy right and it reaches the right people, then those are the more accurate results. So it’s very important to identify who is visiting your site during the testing process. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can help determine this by looking at Google Analytics tools.

Increase Your Return On Investment

The cost per click for your ad campaigns plays a role in how much of an ROI you can obtain. If you’re in the ecommerce sector, then your ads are likely under $1 per click, while legal professionals have to pay nearly $6 per click.

If you’re dealing with higher-than-average click rates, then you really need to ensure your ads are being clicked on by the right people. If you’re not careful, your campaigns will quickly run dry without yielding any fruitful results.

Competing for internet traffic is the new way of marketing and branding. In the past it was all about billboards along the side of roads. What makes online marketing more effective is we can somewhat control who sees our content. So put this power to use by tweaking your campaigns with a focus on improving the quality of your traffic.

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