Need More Leads? Try Using Facebook Marketing

When a business needs fresh leads, they tend to use outdated tactics and poor-performing online marketing tactics. If you’re serious about generating leads, then you need to ensure you’re implementing the right strategies. Social media marketing has proven to be an effective tool in getting your brand more recognition.

We’re not just talking posting content on your profile, but using paid advertisements. Facebook is one platform with this feature, and it’s working quite well for businesses in various industries. If your audience is using Facebook, then using social ads should be in your plans.

Creating ads on Facebook is pretty quick and seamless, and you can control how much you spend per day, so you never go over budget. You can even start with as little as $5.

Why Facebook Marketing?

In the past, your only options for advertising on the web was to spend hundreds or even thousands for a placement on popular websites. Or you could opt for PPC ads on search engines like Google. There was really no way to control who saw your ad other than to try to get placement on sites with relevant audiences. Then for your ads on Google, you had to implement highly-targeted keywords. Again, not much control.

With Facebook ads, you can target your audience’s gender, location, age and time of day they frequent Facebook. If you’re looking for more control over who sees your content, then this should definitely be considered. You can hire the services of a social media marketing companies in Los Angeles to put together your campaigns.

Making Ads for Facebook

As you’re planning out your campaigns, it’s important to create customer profiles. When doing this, you need to consider key things, like:

  • Type of content they enjoy
  • Websites they frequent
  • Their age
  • Facebook pages they like
  • Products and services they buy
  • Places they like to shop at

Include a Call to Action

One mistake a lot of newbies make when creating their ads is not including a call to action. How can you expect to increase your conversions if they don’t know what to do next? Ask the users to click on the ad, otherwise they may scroll right past it. The more direct your ads, the more likely they will perform well.

Social media marketing should definitely be a part of your strategy. SEO companies can help you create and implement a solid Facebook marketing plan.

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