Ways to Take Advantage of the New Facebook Page Layout

Being flexible is very important if you want your brand to sustain itself. The digital world we live in is ever-changing, so you need to be the same. Social media is one area of online marketing that we consistently see evolving. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are making adaptations to appeal to users. Some companies may find this bad for their social media marketing strategies, but this actually presents opportunities.

All of the new tools and features being implemented in these sites offer opportunities for you to upgrade your strategy. For instance, the Facebook live video feeds give brands the chance to host footage of live events. The same goes for Instagram Stories.

What we’re seeing now is new layouts for Facebook pages. It may look like a scrambled mess, but with careful thought, you can piece together a strategy.

Here’s how you can ensure your Facebook page complements your efforts.

Your Picture and Cover Photo

You should already have professional and attractive photos chosen for these two areas. If not, it’s time to switch them. This is the first thing users see and will undoubtedly make a quick judgment based on them. You can also use interchangeable cover photos, such as images showcasing your most recent deals. If you need help, consider working with social media marketing services that help companies in your industry.

Choose Videos and Photos that Best Represent Your Brand

You’re now able to choose which visuals you want displayed on your profile page. These should be representative of your brand. Browse through your past posts to find videos and images that you think fit the bill.

Selecting Formats

There are various formats you can experiment with. The key is to find out what your audience loves. For instance, you can have it set up so that your videos are shown first, followed by photos and posts. If you’re unsure, play around with the different versions to see which yields the best results.

Use Facebook Stats

One way to find out what’s really working and what isn’t is to use Facebook’s stats. You can find out which posts have the highest engagement and clicks. Plus, you can see when your audience is on the most, so you can post during those times.

Don’t Overlook Events

A lot of brands ignore the events section, but it’s a great way to build a community with your followers. Highlight upcoming events, both online and off line, so users can engage with your brand. They can select whether they are interested, going or not going to the event. Schedule Google hangouts and live Q&A sessions with influencers in your industry.

The great thing about working with social media marketing companies is that some even have experts on staff who can assist with services such as Search Engine Optimization, web design and Online Reputation Management.

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