How to Capitalize On the VR Marketing Trend

The year 2016 was the introduction of virtual reality technology. Brands, marketers and consumers are all scrambling around to get their hands on this technology and use it for their own benefit. As a brand, there are various ways you make VR work to your advantage. Not many marketers know what to make of virtual reality just yet. However, there are plenty of ideas circulating that can be useful. You may find an internet marketing agency already implementing virtual reality into their own campaigns and strategies.

A Quick Overview

Let’s take a look back at 2016 and what happened. Three companies – Oculus, HTC and Sony – released their own versions of virtual reality headsets. It was a very exciting time for everyone who tuned in to these events. This new technology has piqued the interest of those working in marketing, event planning, education and promotion. If you’re also considering using VR for your brand marketing, then continue reading.

Types of VR

There are currently two types of VR systems – mobile VR and desktop VR. The Oculus Rift was introduced as a quality headset for desktop users earlier this year. It comes with a built-in display, but relies on external PC for power (not wireless). The mobile VR combines smartphone technology and special optics, providing portability and a lower cost.

Now that you know a little background of VR systems, let’s talk about how professional SEO services are going to start implementing them into their marketing strategies.

Create Videos with 360 View

Drone technology introduced the ability to create wide-view recording. More and more real estate agencies now use drones to create 360 view video tours of properties. Brands can do the same with VR technology, which can be used to showcase products in 360 view.  Smartphone users can use their device to look throughout a property by moving their phone in any direction. With the VR headset, the user would just use their head to look about the room.

Purchase Branded Cardboards On Google

Google Cardboard is a lower-end VR headset that’s grown in popularity. You can purchase these online and either create your own branding or download free schemes. The great thing about cardboards is that it doubles the branding experience. They’re viewing your 360 video and seeing your logo on the VR headset. Some companies are even making these cardboards themselves.

Make Your Own VR Glasses

Making your own VR glasses is a clever way for brands to save money and enhance their branding and marketing efforts. This is what McDonald’s did for its 30th birthday when it launched Happy Goggles. Children were able to turn their Happy Meal box into VR cardboard glasses. Other companies that pulled this off include Coca-Cola and Budweiser. If you decide to do the same, you can work with an internet marketing agency for the design of your cardboard.

Build a VR App

Facebook did a great job of engaging their users with addictive games. You can do the same with a VR game app that is fun. For instance, companies can make arcade branded games. You can come up with unique ideas or take common arcade games and turn them into your own. It can be a simple idea, like a racing game or something a bit more advanced, such as creating a world that can be explored. IKEA did this with their game, which allowed players to walk through an Ikea kitchen and even cook. You could even go as far as to create a web design for your Los Angeles business that is 3D. Work together with an internet marketing agency with a proven professional SEO services background to see how to make this possible.

There’s so much you can do with VR marketing – it just takes careful planning and a lots of imagination!

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