Stop Making these Content Marketing Mistakes


Content is a major element of online marketing – without it, you have nothing to entice people to your website. People are interactive beings, especially on the world wide web. They like to follow content that they enjoy, which can then be used by brands to engage with their prospects and customers. But creating content that resonates with your audience takes careful consideration and planning. This can be done with the help of local SEO companies in your area.

Many brands start out thinking that publishing just any ol’ content will be enough to gain a loyal following. But today’s internet is over-saturated with content, many of which is great. However, making your content stick out in the crowd (in a good way) is key. This is the reason why most Los Angeles brands choose to work with an SEO company. Quality, consistency and relevance are all essential ingredients for a great content marketing strategy.

But there are simple mistakes that can get in the way of you reaching your goals. Here are some of the common content marketing mistakes entrepreneurs and businesses make.

Pumping Out a Lot of Poor Quality Content

Being consistent and predictable with your content is very important, but not if it comes at the cost of your content’s quality. Poor quality content will only turn people off and severely damage your brand’s reputation. Low quality is and always will be associated with spam and untrustworthy companies. This is where a content marketing strategy can come in handy. A well-thought-out content plan can ensure you choose topics in advance that are appropriate and will allow you time to research and write the pieces. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, then consider hiring a local SEO company in Los Angeles.

Not Proofreading Before You Click Publish

Even if you’re not the one creating the content for your brand, if you’re the one posting the content to your blog, then make sure to proofread it before you submit it. Editing and rewriting may not be your forte, which is fine. You’re a business owner, so you have more things to worry about than checking content for grammar and punctuations. But don’t doubt for a minute that this task isn’t essential for your online marketing.

Selecting Topics that Are Irrelevant

Creating consistent content can be cumbersome, especially when you’re attempting to produce pieces multiple times per week. Find out what you can about your audience to see what type of topics they’re interested in and what problems they commonly face. Of course, the topics you choose should pertain to your industry as well. Pay attention to which of your pieces generate the most traffic and user engagement as well.

Not Promoting Your Content

Simply writing content isn’t going to get thousands of eyeballs on your post. You need to promote the heck out of the content you produce, so that you get the max visibility possible. One way to do this is with social media. Local SEO companies offer social media marketing services, which can be used if you don’t have the time to manage a social profile. Your content promotion will aid in two things – getting more traffic to your website and more followers for your social media pages.

Not Using Analytics Tools

It takes the right tools to determine what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Simply guessing isn’t going to work. Tools like Google Analytics are vital for keeping watch of how well your content performs. This will help you to select better topics for the future, so that you continue to increase engagement and traffic.

Creating a content marketing strategy shouldn’t be a headache – find local SEO companies that has a track record for content marketing success.

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