Mobile App Development

What is a mobile app?

Mobile applications are a great way to give people information without the hassle of downloading your entire website.Rather than accessing through a browser, your information is already available on the mobile device. These can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store, the Android Market or Blackberry App World.

Should you invest in a mobile app?

Like a marketing plan, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Here are some scenarios where a mobile application would be a good investment.

  • Are you looking to create a game? If so, a mobile app is your best choice.
  • Will it be used regularly? If you have a service that people need to use on a regular basis such as a note taking application, a mobile app will allow users to easily access your program.
  • Does your program need to access any of the phone’s features?If your program require accessing the mobile camera, a mobile app is most effective.
  • Do you want to provide your content without the need for Internet? An app will help you display your information without the need of a connection.

Benefit for you and your customers

  • Provides your customers easy access to company information.
  • Pushes notifications about promotions, events, or news directly. No need to wait for them to find the information.
  • Increases your company’s visibility.With a website, users have to actively enter your website address. Mobile app will always be visible on any device.
  • Functions offline. 24/7 connections with your customers.
  • Builds customer loyalty with continual connection and information.

Acquire an attractive and functional mobile app

Whether it is for IOS, Android, hybrid or mobile, we can develop it! Behind every strong brand is a stronger team. We are that team! Connect with your customers through an attractive and user-friendly mobile app. Our team at I Think an Idea has the necessary experience to develop a mobile app that will distinguish you from your competitors. Take that bold leap and become an accessible brand.

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