Simple Ways to Get More Customer Referrals


Word of mouth continues to be a great help for businesses large and small. The difference between today and a few decades ago is how easy it is now to spread news. You can thank the internet for conversations and recommendations spreading like wildfire. It’s just not always so easy to start the flame. Local SEO companies are experts in using content and social media to help start fires for brands, so if you’re struggling in this area, then you should consult with an internet marketing professional.

Getting customers referred to your business is a great thing. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the SEO for your Los Angeles business – nothing quite compares to getting a customer referral. According to The New York Times, 65 percent of new business comes from referrals.

What makes referred customers a great asset is that they tend to spend more money than the customers that referred them. According to a study done by The American Marketing Association, referred customers spend more money on their first visit, remain customers for a longer time and offer a 16 percent higher lifetime value compared to non-referred customers.

This all sounds great, but how are the best local SEO companies generating consistent customer referrals for brands? Here are a few tips.

Better Serve Your Customers

If your customer service is crappy, then you can guarantee you will come out on the losing end. There’s nothing worse than a business with rude personnel and/or slow response and resolutions. Make sure your customers are properly served, so they have something to rave about to their friends and family.

Give Your Customers Some Motivation

One way to motivate your customers is to offer monetary rewards. For instance, you can ask customers to refer others to your business in exchange for a discount or free item. You have to think of it this way – the amount of money new customers will generate for your business will be well-worth whatever you spend on getting them, so don’t fret about giving away $25 per referral.

Show Your Customers Recognition

If you have a customer that has had great success using your product or services, why not gloat about them? People like to feel special, especially customers. You can feature their testimonial on your social media page or in your newsletter. This will stroke their ego and likely get them to refer others to your business.

It doesn’t hurt to create reminders for your customers – you can use receipts, fliers, emails and social media to remind customers that you’re always looking for referrals (and that incentives are involved for those who help). If you need help with putting together a referral strategy, you can work together with a local SEO company.

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