SEO and Social Media Marketing Trends: Summer 2015 Edition

Social Media for SEO

imageThe online marketing game changes all the time. Google is constantly updating their search algorithms and SERP (search engine results page) requirements and guidelines, and there is always room for improvement. Right now, the hot trend is in social media, as many social media marketing companies will tell you. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to use this marketing tool so you have to make sure that you take stock in what you’re doing with your next marketing strategy. As thoughts of summer are heating up, here are some must-know marketing trends to capitalize on:

Google turns to social media for SEO rankings and search results. This is creating a dynamic new platform where the SEO and social media experts need to work together to create a collaborative effort to give Google what it wants.

  • Content marketing is taking over, but not in the way that you think. Any professional SEO agency will tell you that you need content. Visual content is the most useful in social media marketing, but there are also link shares, articles and blogs, and other sources of content that can drive your marketing strategy.
  • Social media is quickly becoming the cornerstone of the blogosphere, often responsible for how well a blog is doing based solely on the number of followers a user has. With a large social engagement, almost any blog topic can become a success simply because there are so many people following the author.
  • Personal branding begets professional branding in 2015. It’s rare for a person to focus on their personal brand, but in this new market, it’s proving to be a positive tool to increase conversions and sales by increasing trust in the business and the people involved in it. Personal branding is becoming a critical part of the branding process.
  • Visual content is only getting more popular. Any SEO company will tell you how much people love visual content, whether that is a video, an infographic, or another type of visual. It’s quick, effective, and eye-catching. In fact, content with a video is more than 75% more likely to get read than content without.

With a professional SEO agency on your side, it should be easy for you to keep up with these changes and keep your business growing. Just remember to take stock of market trends every quarter to make sure that you’re on the right track.

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