5 Marketing Tricks You Can Borrow from SEO Companies

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The world of internet marketing is constantly growing and evolving. While this is good for business, it can be difficult for companies trying to build a successful marketing strategy. SEO companies know all about the latest and greatest marketing tools and tips, and will help you build a successful marketing plan, no matter what business you’re in. Of course, there are some tricks and tools that you can take from these professionals and implement yourself. Search engine optimization has long been the preferred method of internet marketing, but today’s internet is changing and so are the guidelines for traditional SEO marketing.

Here are some great marketing tricks and tips that every SEO company uses:


  • Forget about keyword density and ranking your site based on keywords alone. This is still a factor in determining website rankings, but it isn’t the only factor. In fact, there are many other elements that are becoming much more important than keywords.
  • Quality content is essential. Right now, people want information from sources that they can trust. If you provide high-quality, value-added content to your audience, they will respect your brand and see you as an authority in your industry.
  • Use templates for blogs and websites to maintain continuity in design and save time in posting content. There are plenty of tools and templates out there to help you. Make sure you choose a responsive theme that all browsers will support.
  • It’s time to go local. Local SEO companies are starting to make a big impression as more consumers turn to the internet for local searches. In addition to industry keywords, you should also utilize your location in your keywords to get local traffic. For example, a local carpet cleaning service in Chicago might use the key phrase “carpet cleaning Chicago”.
  • Optimize images. Use tags and descriptions in all of your images, both on your blog and in your website content. Image tags and optimization give you a chance to ensure that all of your content (including visual content) is optimized for easy discovery by your audience. Professional SEO companies know all about marketing for the 21st century, and while these tips will get you through 2015, you need to stay updated on changing marketing trends and tools so that you can continually optimize your brand and integrate a successful marketing strategy for your company.
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