Online Sales Down? Try these Simple Techniques!

Are online sales the heart of your business model? Then you need to incorporate tactics that will help keep traffic flowing in. SEO expert services are vital for this process. Its experts can provide services, like local SEO, which is oftentimes overlooked by online-only businesses. SEO companies that specialize in local online marketing can help determine which cities to target. You may also find out that there are discrepancies in your Internet marketing strategy overall. Having this expert insight available can help give you online sales a boost.

Meanwhile, you can use the following methods to help convert more online prospects into customers.

Feature Only One Product or Service On the Front Page

Your home page is a great place to begin testing. Try featuring a specific product or service each week to see which brings in more sales. Research shows that offering fewer products can boost conversions. The content should focus on the benefits of the product or service and answer the questions consumers may have. This doesn’t mean you can’t offer other products, just don’t crowd your front page with too many options. Find out what majority of your target market is looking for and hone in on that.

Beef Up Your Email List

Email campaigns are vital for online sales. It helps keep brands and customers connected. Brands can reach out to customers and upsell to them or promote new deals and products to get them to come back and buy more. In order to beef up your email list, you need to reposition your opt-in offer. Try out different locations on the page to see which one works the best. If there’s no sales letter on the site, try placing it in a place where it is highly visible. You can even use a pop-up screen to get their attention.

Use Hover Ads

You can find these friendly pop-ups on all types of websites. They normally consist of special offers or information relating to the site. This is a great way to counter pop-up blockers, since these ads aren’t detected. You can test out different versions of these ads to see which perform the best. Just don’t overdo it and be ready to pull them down if they’re hurting your conversion rates.

Switch Up Your Headline

Another area you want to test is the headline. This has a major impact on generating sales. It’s the first thing visitors see, so make sure it’s attention-grabbing. If you feature a sales letter on your home page, your headline needs to compel visitors to continue reading. Great headlines ask a pressing question consumers have, highlight a problem they’re facing or make a surprising statement using stats. The rest of the content should backup your headline, providing visitors with more info to help them make a purchasing decision. SEO expert services providers can analyze your headline and recommend changes.

Detail How You Can Solve a Problem

Your home page is the first page most visitors see. You need to lock them in and keep them there to keep bounce rates low and conversion rates high. You can do this by spelling out a problem and detailing exactly how you can resolve it. The first few paragraphs should go into the problem more, showing you understand their plight. This helps to gain their trust and prepares them to accept the answer you have to their problem. Make sure to emphasize exactly how your product or service can help them fix their issue. SEO expert services can provide content writing services to help drive conversion.

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