Job Seekers: How Social Media is Ruining Your Job Hunt

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A lot of individuals use social media sites like LinkedIn to help improve their job search. Then there are the others who unknowingly have their employment search disrupted by their private social media profiles. Social media is the elephant in the room when it comes to HR. Whatever employers can find on the Web about you can and will be used against you. So those inappropriate photos and posts you have on your private accounts could be found by a potential employer. Your personal brand is important, whether you’re an entrepreneur or employee. You can acquire SEO services from a local agency that specializes in online reputation management and social media marketing.

Few people view themselves as a personal brand. But they have to look at it this way – everything you do on the Internet is visible and it points back to you. The same goes for when you are currently employed – the things you do on social media can impact your reputation within that organization, and vice versa. The reputation of an organization impacts its ability to attract employees. This is known as employer branding. According to LinkedIn, 59 percent of talent leaders are going to invest in their employer brand in 2016.

So what ways could your social media profile be damaging your chances of employment?

Excess Drinking and Profanity

Nothing makes you look less professional than being flamboyantly profane in speech and in photos. If employers witness you attending wild parties or saying outrageous things on social media, it’s going to make you appear unworthy.

Lying About Your Experience

Does your LinkedIn profile say something different than your resume? Trust is a big deal in the business world, so make sure you lay foundation for building trust by telling the truth about your experience. At least, ensure your profiles adequately reflect your resume. A local SEO service provider can help you set up a LinkedIn profile that accurately depicts your work and education history.

Not Having a Social Media Presence

Some employers like it when candidates have some type of social media presence. To some, a lack of social media presence looks like the person is hiding something or is antisocial. Or it could mean they’re simply not technologically-driven. The position you are aiming for will determine whether a social media presence is essential.

Maintaining a clean image on the Web is important whether you’re an entrepreneur or regular employee. You can work with a local SEO services provider to conjure up a plan to do this. There are various SEO companies in Philadelphia that provide social media and online reputation management services.

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