Internet Marketing, The World’s Best Job or Most Awesome Job?

Super Business

Who has the best job at an internet marketing agency? Short answer: everyone, because marketing is awesome.

Super Business

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for an internet marketing agency? Well, we once wondered that, too. But now, here were, working for one of the best companies out there. But everybody has different skills, right? Of course! So which job at an SEO agency do you think you’d be perfect for?

  • Social Media Manager: The person in charge of managing all of the social media accounts for all of the clients has a pretty big job. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many different social media platforms to manage for sometimes dozens of clients. In addition, they are responsible for all of the social media outreach being done for the agency. This person has a lot on their plate.
  • Web Design: The artist, this employee is responsible for the web design of the clients’ websites. They have a massive amount of responsibility if the agency does a lot of website design work for their clients. They have an eye for detail and can craft beautiful pieces of digital art without breaking a sweat.
  • Content Coordinator/Content Writer: An internet marketing agency runs on original and targeted content. The person that manages the massive amounts of content moving out of the agency and all over the internet has an important job to do. Without this content, the agency won’t be able to deliver on their promises.
  • SEO Manager: The SEO manager has perhaps the most important job of all, because they are the expert on all of the latest SEO techniques and lingo that will allow all of the clients’ sites to rank. This person is the eye in the sky that looks down on all of the web presences of the clients and casts their magic of technical knowledge and ability to help the agency live up to all they have promised in their sales pitch.
  • Programmer: These are the ultimate tech people, responsible for all of the things going on in the background of the agency. They are the unseen coordinators without which none of the operations taking place in the foreground could function. This is a highly technical position that requires years of training and experience to accomplish the goals of the SEO company.
  • Salesperson: Outreach and new client acquisition is the life’s blood of any internet marketing agency, and salespeople are the ones that make this happen. They sell the vision of the SEO agency to the clients. They are the ones that make the first impression, the people extending their hand to potential clients to offer them the services of the agency. These people generate the bread and butter of the SEO company.
  • Project Manager: This is the quarterback of the agency. This is the person who manages all of the projects going on at any given time and is responsible for making certain that everything is being done on time, to budget, and done well. Without this person the entire operation would crumble apart pretty quickly.
  • Managing Director (The Big Boss): The head honcho. The Boss. This person runs the whole thing, is the person with the vision and the plan. They may also be responsible for staying on top of new client acquisitions, and has the final say on pretty much everything that happens in the agency. This person runs the show, and often does so with grace and precision.

Of course there are many other, more specifically focused jobs in a digital marketing agency, like a display manager, a UX manager, a front-end developer, and a ton of other really specific jobs that may only come to be once the agency reaches a larger size. But the aforementioned positions are the pieces of the puzzle that make up an internet marketing agency.


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