Benjamin Franklin Gives Sage SEO Expert Advice


Benjamin Franklin once said, “Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I Learn.” Get involved and educate yourself on finding the best seo expert services for you.
Benjamin Franklin was one of the most brilliant innovators and inventors of our time. I mean, without him, you wouldn’t even be able to read this post because you’d be reading it in a newspaper…you know…because there’d be no electricity! So are you wondering what Benjamin Franklin would advise when it comes to SEO expert services?

  • Customers Are The Lightning. You Need To Be The Lightning Rod

Benjamin Franklin was the first person to harness the power of lightning. Let’s pretend that your customers are the lightning for a moment. They’re blasting all across the sky that is the digital world, and each time they strike the ground is a time they didn’t come and check out your business. So now let’s pretend that you’ve extended the lightning rod that is local SEO. Suddenly, the lightning comes crashing into your rod, and you snag another customer. Learn how to harness the customer lightning and you’ll succeed!

  • Poor Online Presence Can Make Your Business Blurry. You Need SEO Bifocals

The invention of bifocals marked the first time people were able to truly see clearly and allowed the future of the world to deal with blurry vision forever. Now let’s pretend that your bad online presence is you when your customers have no bifocals. What happens when you use SEO expert services? You put bifocals on your customers…and eureka! They can finally see you! Now, when they need your service, you’ll be the first person they’ll come and see!

  • Customers Are Adrift Without Direction, So Make Them A Map

After making eight voyages across the Atlantic Ocean between the American Colonies and Europe, he discovered the Gulf Stream made his eastward journeys faster than his westward ones. Let’s pretend that your poor web functionality is making both legs of the journey slower than they should be. Using professional SEO services is making you a map to make the entire journey more efficient. Now, you don’t have to spend grueling weeks trying to cross ocean with poor web functionality!

There you have it. Why do you need SEO expert services? Because if Benjamin Franklin was alive today, he’d say that you need it. Isn’t that good enough for you? No? Well, if you need something more concrete, call us at I Think An Idea, and we’ll put the whole process of online marketing in simpler, more modern terms. We’re standing by our telegraphs…er, telephone waiting for your call!

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