Innovative Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy

Like most business owners you should focus on running your business. hire the marketing to seo expert just make sure they employ a well rounded approach

There’s so much that goes into plotting out the details of a search engine optimization strategy. You have keywords to select, high-quality content to write, backlinks to earn and build, and sitemaps to create for crawlers. SEO has turned into somewhat of an art, requiring companies to do a whole lot more than their predecessors.

Today’s version of SEO requires sophistication, which helped Google and other search engines do exactly what they intended – to weed out the poor quality websites. If you’re looking to dominate search engine page results (SERPs), then you’re going to have to get on your A game. Only other option would be to hire one of the best SEO companies in Los Angeles.

Here’s what they can do for your website to ensure it gets the best ranking possible.

Create Schema Markups

This is quite an innovation – schema markup allows SEOs to make their listings more visual in search results, which could in turn boost CTRs. As we can already see, Google is consistently enhancing its engine to be much more than just a search tool. So it’s no surprise that Google tends to favor schema markup.

Schema markup implements the powerful Knowlede Graph app (yes, the one we’ve been seeing quite often in the SERPs). According to Searchmetrics, 0.3 percent of domains are using schema markup (as of 2014). And about 36 percent of results on Google contain at least one snippet of info that comes from Bing and other search engines are jumping on the bandwagon as well, so it’s something you should take notice of.

Optimize Your Site for Hyperlocal Search

If you’re a brick and mortar, then this is a big plus one. Local search results are the bees knees for brands with physical locations. SEO companies are doing a great job of getting businesses on the radar of Google, using its unique algorithm. Optimizing your site for local search is essential for pulling this off, such as by putting descriptors inside of business titles on Google places, optimizing your website using neighborhood names and so on.

Learn Modern Trends and Algorithm Changes

It’s crucial for SEOs to stay up to date with the ever-changing trends and algorithm updates. This takes research and consistent involvement in the industry. It also takes a bit of predicting to stay ahead of competitors. If you’re not good with any of this, then it’s a good idea to work with an SEO company. They are always looking for new data regarding Search Engine Optimization and Google, which puts them in a better position to make predictions.

If you were able to learn of Penguin and Panda as soon as it rolled out, you could have safeguarded your site effectively. Don’t think for a minute that Google is done pushing out new algorithm changes. Just make sure you’re abreast of these new updates, so you can plan accordingly.

Combine SEO and PR

It makes complete sense to merge your PR and SEO tactics into one strategy. After all, Search Engine Optimization is what helps get your brand name out there. Search engine optimization has proven to be quite effective for building awareness, so in a way, it is a form of PR. One way to implement the two is to optimize your press releases for Google, Bing and others. Guest posts are another form of PR and SEO combined, and when used appropriately, it can really help build traffic.

There’s a lot more to Search Engine Optimization than many brands realize, which is why many of those who attempt to do it all on their own fail. If you’re trying to put together an SEO strategy for your los Angeles company, then consider working with an expert.

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