How to improve your brand image to increase your sales


You may have heard of the brand image. Without any doubt, it is the most influential factor in the Marketing of your company, but how does it influence your sales? Can it cause an increase in benefits? Today we want to analyze this interesting concept and help you improve your business. You dare?

The marketing sector evolves by leaps and bounds day after day, and you, as a company, must be aware of all its advances. The brand image is one of the pillars of any successful Marketing Strategy, and that is why today, we will explain how you can improve it to increase your sales.

Companies have been changing their sales habits based on consumer tastes. Today, traditional marketing techniques are increasingly outdated and less effective in attracting a public saturated with advertising.

This metamorphosis has led to the emergence of a sales philosophy that gives greater prominence to the user experience when acquiring your service, to the sensations that your product causes in the consumer and to the solutions you offer in the face of problems that may arise to your customers

What is the brand image, and how does it influence your sales?

The Brand Image is an element composed of a set of tangible and intangible factors that represent the values ​​of the brand, which it wants to transmit to its consumers. These factors are the logo, the corporate color, the name, the design, or, in short, all the contents generated by the company to transmit its values.

Today, the quality of the products and services offered by your company are still important, but what makes you different from the competition are the emotions, feelings, and values ​​that you transmit through your brand image, always at the hand of a good branding strategy.

It is important to differentiate between Brand Image and Corporate Identity: The brand image is your consumer’s perception of what your firm projects, what they think of the values ​​you sell. On the other hand, corporate identity are the elements, visual or not, that characterize and build the brand, and that can be managed through branding.

It is advisable to invest time and money in the design of a correct brand image. It is a fundamental element in the start-up of your company, and a large part of your success will depend on it. This is why you should be interested in improving the image you transmit abroad.

Modifying or changing your image in the future will be a complicated and not recommended task (as long as your brand works), because you will lose the association that customers have made between your company and your brand, as well as the values ​​associated with them.

5 tricks to improve your brand image and increase your sales

We will list the best tips for you to improve your brand image and increase your sales.

1- Define who you are:

You should try to make the consumer clear at all times who you are, what you offer, and for what purpose. Logically, the goal of your company, like other businesses, will be to sell, but you have to make the customer see a purpose beyond your business. Why do you sell what you sell, and why do you do it that way?

Associating a value with your brand and your actions is the main objective of any brand image. Every step you take should be linked to your marketing strategy, and in line with the values,  ​​you want to convey. If you manage to convey positive messages with your actions and give value to your products or services, you will quickly increase your benefits.

2- Take care of your promotion:

Every detail has to respect and maintain the lines of your corporate identity. Make your products identifiable, that all of them maintain an aesthetic concordance that helps the consumer to associate them with the same brand. You should take care from the logo to the typography through all the details that link to your brand image.

In your promotional campaigns, remember to respect your values ​​as a company and transmit messages according to your brand image. Offering promotional gifts can be a very positive action to increase your visibility, improve your reputation, and stand out from the competition.

3- Tell us your story

Each company is born with a purpose, and at a given time, every brand has a history that identifies it and makes it different from that of the competition. Tell her! Involve the consumers of your enthusiasm as an entrepreneur. Show the positive values ​​that prompted you to create the business.

4- Design a ‘friendly’ website

Nowadays, any company needs an Internet presence to be visible to its potential consumers. Your digital reputation is almost as important as physics. Take care of the design of your web portal, consider your page as a place, the physical store where you receive your customers, attend them, show your products, and make your sales.

Try to develop a website easily accessible, well-positioned, intuitive, and attractive. Do not waste time with the user and respect your corporate identity. Compare it with those of the competition to improve it. Nobody has time to dedicate it to a site that takes time to load, does not take you anywhere, or does not show the desired content.

5- Fairs and exhibitions:

Attending these types of events will help you improve your brand image. Your presence makes them talk about you, your brand, and its values. You will increase your reputation and visibility by being present in environments related to your sector. Your brand image will be enhanced before future customers and potential buyers.

If you respect our advice and take care of your brand image, you will gain visibility and consolidate a good reputation for your company. With these factors, increasing your sales will be an easier task!

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