Fact or Fiction: Social Media is Better than Google Search

Social media has become a major factor in online marketing strategies and for good reason. It’s where majority of Americans spend their time. If you’re working with an SEO services agency, it’s very likely that social media management is a part of your strategy. If not, you should consider working with SEO companies that offer social media marketing services as part of their Internet marketing package.

So how important is social media? There are rumors floating around that social media will one day overpower the likes of Google and Bing when it comes to organic search. If you think about it, millions of people find information from their Facebook feeds and a lot of traffic stems from this social network.

Let’s take a closer look.

Facebook is Bringing in Traffic

Data was recently published from Parse.ly, a traffic analytics firm, which showcases more traffic being driven to media and news sites via Facebook. Apparently, folks are finding news stories on their Facebook feeds and clicking on them. This is based off of data collected from over 400 major media and news outlets, including Mashable, Reuters and Business Insider. It’s why any knowledgeable SEO agency uses Facebook as part of their marketing strategy.

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Similar trends have also been found with other types of websites.

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Out of all the social media networks, Facebook continues to be the driving force for organic search (90 percent according to a Shareaholic report). It’s a great look into how users are discovering content on the Web. But does this truly mean social media is overtaking Google?

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The Battle Isn’t Coming, It’s Here

What you’ll learn varies from source to source, but it seems you’ll find more data leaning towards social media.

Back in 2014, BrightEdge released a report that stated organic search drove 51 percent of traffic to B2B and B2C websites, while social only drove 5 percent.

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Yet according to Buzzfeed, there was a dramatic shift in 2014 for social search. Across eight different social networks, 31.24 percent of overall traffic was being driven to websites (as of Q4 2014). This is up from 22.71 percent from 2013.

What Does this Mean?

It means your SEO strategy needs to implement Facebook. What it doesn’t mean is that Google search is dead. You still need to focus your efforts on ranking in Google because people still use it to find information about brands and products. An SEO agency can integrate both elements into a sound strategy that will boost your rankings, engagement and potentially your conversions.

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