Don’t Make these Social Media Marketing Mistakes!


So many things can go wrong with your social media marketing campaign – just take a look at the epic fails both large and small companies have had. There’s no mercy on the world wide web, so you have to be practical and think ahead. Your online reputation relies on what your brand says and does, which is amplified when you enter into the social media scene. For this reason, it’s a good idea to work together with local SEO companies that can help keep your brand in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

If you see you’re making any of the following mistakes, then it may be time to bring in the experts from an SEO company.

You Ignore Your Followers

There are thousands of reasons why you may not be taking the time to interact with your followers. While these excuses will appear to be justifiable reasons for your neglect, they won’t suffice for your brand’s reputation. Brands that aren’t social on their social media pages aren’t going to get as much burn as those that are. So if you really want to rally up a crowd of prospects, then you need to start being more social. If you don’t have the time, then hire local SEO companies to do it for you.

You Promote Way Too Much

The first thing brands like to do when they open up a social media account is advertise all of their glorious products and services. But who wants to see a bunch of adverts on their social media walls? There should be a balance of how much promotional content you publish – only about one-third of your posts should consist of promotions. Be something more to your followers – add value. If you can do that, then the rest will follow.

CTAs Are No Where to Be Found

How can you expect people to convert when you’re not asking them to? A simple call to action, like “click here” or “call now” can do wonders for your marketing campaigns. Consumers need to know what steps to take next, otherwise they won’t take them. It’s sad to see so many brands leaving out CTAs in their social media posts.

You’re Everywhere You’re Not Supposed to Be

Being all over the place was the old concept of advertising, when radio and TV ruled the world. But the internet is just too vast to be everywhere, and trying to be will only cause you to spread yourself too thin. You only need to be in the places where your target audience is. With that said, don’t try to be on every social media network – find the ones that connects you with your brand’s audience.

If you need help putting together a solid social media marketing strategy, then consult with the SEO companies in your local area.

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