Consider these Small Business Trends in 2017


We’re partway into 2017 – some small businesses are prevailing, while others are failing. There’s no telling how things will turn around for each, but there are insights that give us an idea of what to expect. Trends are your friend – SEO companies in Los Angeles firmly believe this. If you’re using Search Engine Optimization strategies for your company, then you know how important trends are – they tell you what changes need to be implemented to stay ahead of the curve.

Everyone has their own predictions for what lies ahead in 2016, so take the following data into consideration and use your own gut (or analysts) to help decide which to follow.

Building Teams Internally & Externally

There’s been a lot of talk about allowing more flexibility in the workplace. Some are offering parental leave to new fathers and others are promoting unlimited vacation times. Small businesses rarely have the funds to hire in-house everything, so they’re turning to hiring contractors and firms on an as-needed basis or monthly retainer. Many are deciding to hire an SEO company to assist with their online marketing efforts. This allows owners to save money and get great results, since contractors work solely on the project they’re hired for.

Millennials Taking the Scene

A lot of the new companies emerging today are run by millennials. These free-spirited individuals are following their passions and incorporating world-changing initiatives. Expect to see more small businesses become labeled as environmentally friendly, human rights certified and fair trade certified.

More Selective About Influencer Connections

Social media has made it easier for small businesses to reach out to influencers and have their products or services endorsed to their audience. But over the years, we have seen this used and abused, but not in a good way. Going forward, it’s important to be more careful about which influencers you decide to connect with and allow to promote your brand. You want to work with those who are more particular about which brands they promote to their followers. Consumers aren’t dumb and will not continue to follow someone that endlessly promotes brands without caring about the actual quality and integrity of the company behind it. If their reputation suffers, then so will any of the brands they vouch for.

Not-Coms on the Rise

Having a website is important for the SEO of your company. But what you may not know is that it doesn’t have to have a .com ending. A lot of newer companies are straying away from .com and going with endings like .fitness, .coffee and so on. These are pretty unique, making them stand out more and are actually easy to remember. There are plenty of unclaimed domains with these clever endings, which means less competition for a cool, memorable name.

Omnichannel is Still Prevalent

We’ve heard this word bounced around for some time now and it’s still quite relevant in 2016. Consumers are looking for brands to provide a seamless experience across all channels. There are different ways this can be done. For instance, coupons online should work over the phone and in person. This type of experience would also enable consumers to interact with your brand on any channel of their choosing and still have the same experience.

Social Media’s No Longer Free

Sure, you can create a profile and begin posting instantly, but if you want to get visibility, you’re going to have to pay for it. A lot of social networks are pushing brands to use their post boosting features and paid targeted ads. Although both can be quite useful for reaching more people, you could end up with financial problems without a sound strategy. An SEO company can help you with forming a plan within your budget.

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