Make Sure You’re Not Wasting Marketing Dollars on the Wrong Target


The key to any Internet marketing strategy is to target the right market. Because of this, brands need to focus majority of their efforts on finding the right audience, before pushing out any content. A professional SEO service in Los Angeles can help your brand identify prospects, so you can get the best results from your content marketing strategy. There’s nothing worse than wasting thousands of dollars on a non-converting campaign. Minimize the impact by working with an agency in L.A. that specializes in professional SEO services.

There are a number of questions that need to be answered when trying to determine if you’re wasting your money on the wrong audience.

Who’s Willing to Buy My Product?

Is the product or service you buy something your audience is willing to buy? If not, then you’re advertising to a deaf ear. Your marketing should revolve around a problem that your prospects are having. If not, then you will have a hard time converting them into customers. Google’s keyword tool is beneficial for learning about the issues consumers in your industry are having. Then you can use these keywords within your content to help people find your site and your product or service.

Who Are My Current Customers?

You can learn a lot by looking at your current invoices. The more data you collect during the checkout process, the better. This information can be used to determine which demographics are buying from you the most. If you’re a startup, you can release a test product to see who ends up buying it – it may not be the audience you’re anticipating marketing to.

Am I Aiming to Broadly?

A lot of companies overestimate their customer base and end up advertising to a broader market than they should. If you’re marketing to prospects who aren’t buying from you, then it’s time to cut down on your ad spend. It’s much better to advertise to a smaller market that actually buys from you than to waste dollars on a broader one that doesn’t. You can learn more about ideal customers by giving out surveys and holding small focus groups. This can be done online via social media, email or on your site.

Ask Your Current Customers

If you have a social media profile with followers or email list, use that to get answers from your current customer base. This is a lot cheaper than hosting focus groups and conducting surveys. Plus, you’ll get valuable feedback from those who have already bought your products or services. You can ask their opinions and use that to determine where your marketing dollars should go. If you’re not good with analyzing data, you can hire a professional SEO service that specializes in this.

Am I Using My Own Knowledge to Make Marketing Decisions?

There are quite a few new businesses that are basing their marketing on their own personal knowledge and experiences. They believe they know who would be the best prospects to target. In many cases, they’re wrong. You may start out thinking that teen boys are the perfect target, only to learn adult men and women between 24 and 30 are buying from you the most. Never believe you can think like your target audience. Instead, base all of your marketing efforts off of hard facts.

Analyzing your competition can help give you a better idea of the markets interested in your product or service. A professional SEO service provider can assist with determining this, to ensure your advertising content is geared towards the right people.

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