3 Ways For CMOs To Integrate SEO With Other Digital Marketing Teams

In the past, things like content marketing, social marketing, PR, affiliate marketing, and advertising for a business have all operated independently of one another. As the world becomes more digital, though, one thing that’s become clear is that search engine optimization (SEO) cannot act as a stand-alone department. Integrating SEO with all different digital marketing teams across the board is increasingly important.

By doing so, you have the opportunity to reinforce and supplement the impact of each distinct marketing method, aiding in improving overall marketing efforts, increasing brand awareness, and driving more traffic to your company’s website.

If you’re a chief marketing officer, here are three ways to begin the process of integrating SEO with your other digital marketing teams:

1. Start with the Basics

SEOs, PR professionals, and social marketers should all work together to build a brand’s awareness and online reputation. Jarrod Hunt, CMO of digital marketing agency Digital Current states “while each marketing team will work independently on certain things, one way to integrate SEO alongside other marketing efforts is to have an agreed upon set of keywords that all marketing teams will use.” Target keywords are an easy and efficient way to bond different marketing teams together during a marketing campaign. Online tools to establish keywords are a great resource. If you’re having trouble creating effective keywords, consider using Google GOOGL -2.09% Adwords or Google Trends.

2. Relay a Consistent Message Across all Marketing Channels

Relaying a consistent message across all marketing channels has two important parts: the first is amongst different marketing teams – the consistent message should be that everyone wants the business to grow, and that by working together, chances of success are much greater. The second refers to the message that’s put out by different marketing departments to a target audience – whether it’s content, PR, creative, or social media, all marketing teams should be sharing the same, agreed upon, brand message.

Consistency in message is important to reinforcing brand authority, and creating a unified marketing vision can be essential for the company. However, according to Prashant Puri, CEO of Adlift, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, “sharing the same brand message isn’t always easy, especially if a how-to conversation doesn’t occur amongst different departments.”

Leveraging pay-per-click campaigns to test ad copy or relevant keywords, increasing PR outreach to build interest about a campaign, relying on data to make decisions together, and using social media to cover a campaign are all great ways to start building the foundation for relaying a consistent message.

3. Think Beyond the Obvious

While thinking about keywords and brand message are both important tools used to integrate SEO with other marketing teams, true integration takes much more than that. It is important that the project management side of SEO integration is incredibly important, and can help to keep tasks and goals organized for all different marketing teams.”

Furthermore, remember that successful integration requires long-term planning and commitment. And, constant communication between your marketing teams is absolutely essential to developing an effective working relationship and full SEO integration. As a 2014 article in Forbes about SEO strategy states, removing bureaucracy from the SEO integration process, creating a great user experience, working with your social media team, and resisting the urge to take shortcuts can all boost SEO strategy.

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